Come Dine With Me

Season 12                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Extra Portions: Huddersfield, Christine Wright2009-08-07 
2Extra Portions: Huddersfield, Neil Hemingway2009-08-07 
3Extra Portions: Huddersfield, Matt Buckingham2009-08-07 
4Extra Portions: Huddersfield, Laura Seeley2009-08-07 
5Extra Portions: Celebrity, Julia Bradbury2009-08-10 
6Extra Portions: Celebrity, Philip Olivier2009-08-10 
7Extra Portions: Celebrity, Edwina Currie2009-08-10 
8Extra Portions: Celebrity, Christopher Biggins2009-08-10 
9Extra Portions: Teesside, Wayne Allen2009-08-11 
10Extra Portions: Teesside, Michele Small2009-08-11 
11Extra Portions: Teesside, Jayne Laverick2009-08-11 
12Extra Portions: Teesside, Dave Fishlock2009-08-11 
13Extra Portions: Isle of Wight, Charlotte Barton-Hoare2009-08-14 
14Extra Portions: Isle of Wight, Michael Coombes2009-08-14 
15Extra Portions: Isle of Wight, Steve Morris2009-08-14 
16Extra Portions: Isle of Wight, Mandy Gale2009-08-14 
17Extra Portions: Bristol, Sarah Harris2009-08-17 
18Extra Portions: Bristol, Craig Lockett2009-08-17 
19Extra Portions: Bristol, Kieron Allan2009-08-17 
20Extra Portions: Bristol, Angelique Bernatschke2009-08-17 
21Extra Portions: Celebrity, Raef Bjayou2010-02-15 
22Extra Portions: Celebrity, Chris Ellison2010-02-16 
23Extra Portions: Celebrity, Michelle Gayle2010-02-17 
24Extra Portions: Celebrity, Lynne Franks2010-02-18 
25Extra Portions: Liverpool, Ray Parry2010-02-22 
26Extra Portions: Liverpool, Valerie Watson2010-02-23 
27 Extra Portions: Liverpool, Paul Owen2010-02-24 
28Extra Portions: Liverpool, Lyndsey Halligan2010-02-25 
29Extra Portions: York, Claire Baron2010-03-15 
30Extra Portions: York, Chris Bush2010-03-16 
31Extra Portions: York, Famida Wilson2010-03-17 
32Extra Portions: York, Andy Swales2010-03-18 
33Extra Portions: North London, Nicole Ganz2010-03-29 
34Extra Portions: North London, Harry Iaonnou2010-03-30 
35Extra Portions: North London, Bindi Holding2010-03-31 
36Extra Portions: North London, Nir Zamek2010-04-01 
37Extra Portions: Birmingham, Claudine Stevens2010-04-12 
38Extra Portions: Birmingham, Katie Smith2010-04-13 
39Extra Portions: Birmingham, Kishor Paw2010-04-14 
40Extra Portions: Birmingham, Mike Olley2010-04-15 
41Extra Portions: North Kent, Katie Reynolds-Dobbs2010-04-19 
42Extra Portions: North Kent, Dan Bowman2010-04-20 
43Extra Portions: North Kent, Claire Wood2010-04-21 
44Extra Portions: North Kent, Stuart Richards2010-04-22 

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