Come Dine With Me

Season 26                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1All in One: Watford 2012-02-24 
2All in One: Stockport 2012-03-09 
3All in One: Cardiff 2012-03-11 
4All in One: East Sussex2012-03-16 
5All in One: Basildon2012-03-23 
6All in One: Wolverhampton 2012-03-30 
7All in One: Essex2012-05-04 
8All in One: Preston 2012-04-06 
9All in One: Stoke 2012-04-13 
10All in One: Birmingham 2012-04-20 
11All in One: Folkestone and Dover2012-04-27 
12All in One: Aberdeen2012-05-11 
13All in One: Great Yarmouth2012-05-18 
14All in One: Crawley2012-05-25 
15All in One: Hartlepool2012-06-01 
16All in One: Chichester2012-06-08 
17All in One: Jubilee Special2012-05-27 
18All in One: Windsor2012-06-17 
19All in One: Warwickshire2012-07-01 
20All in One: Peterborough2012-07-15 
21All in One: West Yorkshire2012-06-29 
22All in One: Milton Keynes2012-07-22 
23All in One: Sport2012-07-29 
24All in One: Surrey2012-08-05 
25All in One: Celebrity Horror Special2012-10-31 
26All in One: Alicante2012-11-09 
31All in One: Enfield2012-08-12 
32All in One: Kingston upon Thames2012-11-28 
33All in One: North Cornwall2012-08-19 
34All in One: Paralympics2012-08-24 
35All in One: Made in Chelsea Special2012-03-31 
36Paralympians Special: Part 1 
37Paralympians Special: Part 2 
38All in One: Benidorm2012-09-14 
40All in One: Jersey2012-11-16 
41All in One: Swansea2012-11-23 
42All in One: South East London2012-11-30 
43All in One: The Wirral2012-12-14 
44Come Dine WIth Me Christmas Special2012-12-16 
45All in One: Darby2012-12-30 
46All in One: Wrexham2013-01-08 
47All in One: East Coast of Yorkshire2013-01-13 
48All in One: Lake District2013-01-20 
49All in One: Barnsley2013-01-27 
50All in One: Edinburgh2013-02-03 
51All in One: Bristol2013-02-10 
52All in One: Petersborough2013-03-13 
53All in One: Surrey 2013-03-14 
54All in One: Benidorm 2013-03-15 

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