Come Dine With Me

Season 39                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Lytham St Annes and Southport: Ollie 
2Lytham St Annes and Southport: Savannah 
3Lytham St Annes and Southport: Mark 
4Lytham St Annes and Southport: Tanya 
5Preston: Lottie2016-08-20 
6Preston: Martin2016-08-20 
7Preston: Justina2016-08-20 
8Preston: Anthony2016-08-20 
9Nottingham/Derby: Hali2016-10-03 
10Nottingham/Derby: Alistair2016-10-04 
11Nottingham: Kim2016-10-05 
12Nottingham/Derby: Adam2016-10-06 
13Nottingham/Derby: Lesley2016-10-07 
14Swansea: Anthony2016-10-10 
15Swansea: Ross2016-10-11 
16Swansea: Kola2016-10-12 
17Swansea: Tula2016-10-13 
18Swansea: Julie2016-10-14 
19Leicester: Shan2016-10-18 
20Leicester: Andy2016-10-19 
21Leicester: Han2016-10-20 
23Belfast: Claire2016-10-24 
24Belfast: Neil2016-10-25 
25Belfast: Paul2016-10-26 
26Belfast: Ryan2016-10-27 
27Belfast: Cailin2016-10-28 
28Essex and Suffolk Borders: Chris2016-10-31 
29Essex and Suffolk Borders: Sam2016-11-01 
30Essex and Suffolk Borders: Claire2016-11-02 
31Essex and Suffolk Borders: Joanna2016-11-03 
32Essex and Suffolk Borders: Mark2016-11-04 
33Bournemouth: Adie2016-11-07 
34Bournemouth: Sir Henry2016-11-08 
35Bournemouth: Pippa2016-11-09 
36Bournemouth: Simone2016-11-10 
37Bournemouth: Jacqueline2016-11-11 
38Belfast: Steve2016-11-14 
39Belfast: Julie2016-11-15 
40Belfast: Justin2016-11-16 
41Belfast: Cushla2016-11-17 
42Belfast: Marty2016-11-18 
43Leeds: Alice2016-11-21 
44Leeds: Andy2016-11-22 
45Leeds: Danielle2016-11-23 
46Leeds: Matt2016-11-24 
47Leeds: Lynne2016-11-25 
48Liverpool: Rob2016-11-28 
49Liverpool: Sam2016-11-29 
50Liverpool: Toria2016-11-30 
51Liverpool: Inzy2016-12-01 
52Liverpool: Christine2016-12-02 
53Edinburgh: Larah2016-12-05 
54Edinburgh: Nutan2016-12-06 
55Edinburgh: Sindiso2016-12-07 
56Edinburgh: Anne2016-12-08 
57Edinburgh: James2016-12-09 
58West Midlands: Sue2016-12-12 
59West Midlands: Marc2016-12-13 
60West Midlands: Kim2016-12-14 
61West Midlands: Paul2016-12-15 
62West Midlands: Michael2016-12-16 

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