MasterChef Australia

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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Sydney Sizzles2009-04-27
2Audition 22009-04-28
3Audition 32009-04-29
4Top 50 (1) - Taste Test2009-04-30
5Top 50 (2) - Fish Market Frenzy2009-05-01
6The Top 20 Revealed2009-05-03
720 Ways with Chicken2009-05-04
8Sam And The Sausage2009-05-05
9Sushi Stress2009-05-06
10The First Cut2009-05-07
11Cooking With The Masters2009-05-08
12Rabbit Season2009-05-10
13The Tarte Tatin Test2009-05-11
14Brent vs Boetz2009-05-12
15Banquet Wars2009-05-13
16A Blow for Brent2009-05-14
17Class Is In2009-05-15
18Julia's Divine Dumplings2009-05-17
19Attack of the Killer Squid2009-05-18
20Julia and the Duck2009-05-19
21Aisle Panic2009-05-20
22An Emotional Elimination2009-05-21
23Soufflés and Stir-fries2009-05-22
24The Steaks are Raised2009-05-24
25Sweet Success2009-05-25
26Chris vs Alex Herbert2009-05-26
27Feeding Frenzy2009-05-27
28Kate's Tough Decision2009-05-28
29The Perfect Chip2009-05-29
30Best of British2009-05-31
31Paella Pain2009-06-01
32Justine vs Guy Grossi2009-06-02
33Fishy Business2009-06-03
34The Great Bait Debate2009-06-04
35Lemon Goodness2009-06-05
36Double Trouble2009-06-07
37Not So Sweet2009-06-08
38Lucas vs Ben O’Donoghue2009-06-09
39Canape Frenzy2009-06-10
40And Then There Were Seven2009-06-11
41Sweet Treats2009-06-12
42Hits and Misses2009-06-14
43Terrine Trauma2009-06-15
44Justine vs Matt Moran2009-06-16
45Here Comes the Bride2009-06-17
46Grain Pain2009-06-18
47Cocktail Hour2009-06-19
48Hello Hong Kong!2009-06-21
49Old Faces Return2009-06-22
51Battle of the Sexes2009-06-24
52Sweet and Sour2009-06-25
53Show and Tell2009-06-26
54Love is in the Air2009-06-28
55Vision Quest2009-06-29
56Andre vs Emmanuel Stroobant2009-06-30
57All at Sea2009-07-01
58Thyme Out2009-07-02
59Shanks and Soufflés2009-07-03
60Christmas in July2009-07-05
61Macaroon Madness2009-07-06
62Julie vs Adrian Richardson2009-07-07
63Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?2009-07-08
64Taste Test2009-07-09
65Winter Warmers2009-07-10
66Finals Fever2009-07-12
67Pie Wars2009-07-13
68Poh's Advantage2009-07-14
69No Piece of Cake2009-07-15
70And Then There Were Two2009-07-16
71The Tables Are Turned2009-07-17
72The Grand Finale2009-07-19

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