Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1Got Remarried2010-01-12  
1 x 2Got Dumped2010-01-19  
1 x 3Got No Fingerprints2010-01-26  
1 x 4Got a Video Rental Store2010-02-02  
1 x 5Got Two Homes In Mexico2010-02-09  
1 x 6Got the Wrong Four People Killed2010-02-16  
1 x 7Got Caught In The Shower2010-02-23  
1 x 8Got to Sing Karaoke2010-03-02  
1 x 9Got Revenge2010-03-09  
1 x 10Got to Rob Banks2010-03-16  
1 x 11Got to Go to Canada2010-03-23  
1 x 12Got a Gun Made Out of Toilet Paper2010-03-30  
1 x 13Got To Get Bike Parts2010-04-06  
2 x 1Got Caught By A Cougar2010-10-26  
2 x 2Got to Roll the Dice2010-11-02  
2 x 3Got A Dead Man's ID2010-11-09  
2 x 4Got Caught Via Email2010-11-16  
2 x 5Got Plastic Surgery2010-11-22  
2 x 6Got Raps2010-11-30  
2 x 7Got a Lot of Pot2010-12-07  
2 x 8Got Shot Above a Deli2010-12-14  
2 x 9Got to Lock and Load2010-12-21  
2 x 10Got to Pick Up A Hooker2010-12-28  
2 x 11Got a Death Certificate2011-01-04  
2 x 12Got a Family Coming After Me2010-01-11  
2 x 13Got Ninth Place at Poker2010-01-18  
3 x 1Got a Country Legend's Tour Bus2011-04-12  
3 x 2Got That Tough Girl Look2011-04-19  
3 x 3Got a Bad Temper2011-04-26  
3 x 4Got To Escape In Underwear 2011-05-03  
3 x 5Got A Pen Pal 2011-05-10  
3 x 6Got to Get Revenge2011-05-31  
3 x 7Got to Run with My Buddy 2011-06-07  
3 x 8Got Caught in Love Triangle2011-06-14  
3 x 9Got a Boyfriend to Support2011-06-21  
3 x 10Got to Impersonate a Guard2011-06-28  
3 x 11Got Shot in the Leg2011-07-05  
3 x 12Got to Hide in a Swamp2011-07-12  
3 x 13Got To Work On A Crab Boat2011-07-19  
4 x 1Love On The Run2011-10-06  
4 x 2Got to Ride The Rails2011-10-06  
4 x 3Got to Wear A Pink Shirt2011-10-13  
4 x 4Got to Silence A Witness2011-10-20  
4 x 5Got to Copy Movies2011-10-27  
4 x 6Got to Burn A Truck2011-11-03  
4 x 7Got to Pose as a Firefighter2011-11-10  
4 x 8Got to Be a Car Salesman2011-11-17  
4 x 9Got to Steal a Rich Woman's Jewelry2011-12-01  
4 x 10Got to Make A Dummy Out Of Sheets2011-12-08  
4 x 11Got to Escape From The Rock2011-12-15  
4 x 12Got to Run to Mexico With My Kids2011-12-22  
4 x 13Got to Pretend I'm a Priest2011-12-29  
4 x 14Got to Escape Underground2012-01-05  
5 x 1Got to Hide Out in Suburbia2012-04-11  
5 x 2Got to Murder My Own Family2012-04-18  
5 x 3Got to Build a Bridge to Freedom2012-04-24  
5 x 4Got to Build a Meth Lab2012-05-02  
5 x 5Got to Run with My Brother2012-05-09  
5 x 6Got to Break Into Vacation Homes2012-05-16  
5 x 7Got to Run to Costa Rica2012-05-23  
5 x 8Got to Prey on Tourists2012-05-30  
5 x 9Got to Make It in the Big Easy2012-06-06  
5 x 10Got to Become a Neo-Nazi 2012-06-13  
5 x 11Got to Take Down My Ex-Boyfriend 2012-06-20  
5 x 12Got Hammered on a Sailboat 2012-06-27  
5 x 13Got to Make You A Superstar2012-07-31  
6 x 1Got to Kill My Step-Dad2013-06-24  
6 x 2Got to Escape Through a Toilet2013-07-01  
6 x 3Got to Pose as a War Vet2013-07-08  
6 x 4Got to Escape With One Leg2013-07-15  
6 x 5Got to Be the Black Market Maestro2013-07-22  
6 x 6Got to Rob a Pawn Shop2013-07-27  
6 x 7Got to Be Bonnie and Clyde2013-08-05  
6 x 8Got to Be the Green Baron2013-08-12  
6 x 9Most Elusive Criminals2012-10-02  
7 x 1Got to Be a Ladies Man2014-06-02  
7 x 2Got to Fall in Love With a Prison Guard2014-06-09  
7 x 3Got A Rich Widow2014-06-16  
7 x 4Got to Be Part of the Texas Seven2014-06-30  
7 x 5Got to Pose as Katrina Refugees2014-07-07  
7 x 6Got to Escape Through an Air Duct2014-07-14  
7 x 7Got to Watch Those Country Girls2014-07-21  
7 x 8Got to Be MacGuyver2014-07-28  
8 x 1Got to Pretend to Be a Cop2016-05-13  
8 x 2Got a Handsome Face2016-05-20  
8 x 3Got to Taunt the Cops2016-05-27  
8 x 4Got to Send a Bomb in the Mail2016-06-03  
8 x 5Got to Escape with a Battleaxe2016-06-10  
8 x 6Got to Get Home to Mother2016-06-17  
8 x 7Got to Get Out of Debt2016-06-24  
8 x 8Got to Crawl My Way to Freedom2016-07-01  
8 x 9Got to Be Part of the Pittsburgh Six2016-07-08  
8 x 10Got to Hit Homes on Halloween2016-07-15