Wild Kratts

All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1Mom of a Croc2010-12-31  
1 x 2Whale of a Squid2010-12-31  
1 x 3Aardvark Town2011-01-05  
1 x 4Flight of the Draco2011-01-06  
1 x 5Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy2011-01-07  
1 x 6Platypus Cafe2011-01-10  
1 x 7Polar Bears Don't Dance2011-01-12  
1 x 8Build It Beaver2011-01-13  
1 x 9Voyage of the Butterflier XT2011-01-17  
1 x 10Honey Seekers2011-01-19  
1 x 11Bass Class2011-01-20  
1 x 12Fireflies2011-01-24  
1 x 13Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus2011-01-27  
1 x 14Tazzy Chris2011-01-31  
1 x 15Octopus Wildkratticus2011-02-03  
1 x 16Walk on the Wetside2011-02-21  
1 x 17Elephant in the Room2011-02-22  
1 x 18Let the Rhinos Roll!2011-03-28  
1 x 19Falcon City2011-04-21  
1 x 20The Blue and the Gray2011-04-22  
1 x 21Kickin’ it with the Roos2011-05-23  
1 x 22Koala Balloon2011-07-11  
1 x 23Cheetah Racer2011-09-02  
1 x 24Stuck on Sharks2011-10-17  
1 x 25Mimic2011-10-18  
1 x 26Little Howler2011-10-19  
1 x 27Raptor Roundup2011-10-20  
1 x 28A Bat in the Brownies2011-10-24  
1 x 29Masked Bandits2011-10-25  
1 x 30Ker-honk2011-12-30  
1 x 31The Food Chain Game2012-01-16  
1 x 32Flight of the Pollinators2012-03-30  
1 x 33Caracal-Minton2012-04-02  
1 x 34Zig-Zagged2012-05-14  
1 x 35A Huge Orange Problem2012-06-04  
1 x 36Birds of a Feather2012-09-07  
1 x 37Seasquatch2012-10-22  
1 x 38The Gecko Effect2012-10-23  
1 x 39Googly Eye The Night Guru2012-10-24  
1 x 40Quillber’s Birthday Present2012-10-25  
2 x 1Bad Hair Day2012-10-15  
2 x 2Race for the Hippo Disc2012-10-16  
2 x 3Creature Power Challenge2012-10-17  
2 x 4Termites Versus Tongues2012-10-18  
2 x 5Secrets of the Spider's Web2012-10-31  
2 x 6Happy Turkey Day2012-11-19  
2 x 7Neck and Neck2013-01-18  
SpecialLost At Sea2013-01-21
2 x 8Speaking Dolphinese2013-01-21  
2 x 9Blowfish Blowout2013-01-21  
2 x 10To Touch A Hummingbird2013-02-11  
2 x 11Rainforest Stew2013-02-12  
2 x 12Seahorse Rodeo2013-02-13  
2 x 13Aquafrog2013-02-15  
2 x 14Snow Runners2013-02-18  
2 x 15Tortuga Tune Up2013-02-18  
2 x 16Road runner2013-02-20  
2 x 17Rocket Jaw:rescuer of the reef2013-02-20  
2 x 18Attack of the Alien Tree Eaters2013-02-25  
2 x 19Rattlesnake Crystal2013-02-26  
2 x 20Skunked!2013-02-27  
2 x 21Gila monster under my house2013-02-28  
2 x 22Bugs or Monkeys?2013-04-01  
2 x 23Shadow of Black Jaguar2013-04-02  
2 x 24The Desert Elves2013-11-18  
2 x 25Journey to the Subnivean Zone2014-01-30  
2 x 26Groundhog Wake Up Call2014-01-31  
3 x 1Hermit Crab Shell Exchange2014-04-07  
3 x 2Where the Bison Roam2014-04-08  
3 x 3Bandito: The Black-Footed Ferret2014-04-09  
3 x 4When Fish Fly2014-04-10  
3 x 5Osprey2014-04-11  
3 x 6Back in Creature Time, Part 1 - Day of the Dodo2014-07-07  
3 x 7Back in Creature Time, Part 2 - Tasmanian Tiger2014-07-07  
3 x 8The Amazing Creature Race2014-07-08  
3 x 9Prairie Who?2014-07-09  
3 x 10Mystery on the Prairie2014-07-10  
3 x 11Crocogator Contest2014-07-21  
3 x 12Mosquito Dragon2014-07-21  
3 x 13Slider: The Otter2014-07-22  
3 x 14Search for the Florida Panther2014-07-23  
3 x 15Opossum in My Pocket2014-07-24  
3 x 16Praying Mantis2014-08-12  
3 x 17Under Frozen Pond2015-01-19  
3 x 18Chameleons on Target2015-04-20  
3 x 19Lemur Stink Fight2015-04-21  
3 x 20Capture the Fishmobile2015-04-22  
3 x 21Aye Aye2015-07-08  
3 x 22Tenrec Treasure Hunt2015-07-08  
3 x 23Lemur Legs2015-07-15  
3 x 24Golden Bamboo Lemur2015-07-15  
3 x 25Fossa Palooza!2015-07-22  
3 x 26Mini Madagascar2015-07-24  
4 x 1The Last Largest Lobster2015-07-29  
4 x 2Stars of the Tides2015-07-29  
SpecialA Creature Christmas2015-11-25
4 x 3Box Turtled In!2016-04-25  
4 x 4The Other Martins2016-04-26  
4 x 5Sea Otter Swim2016-04-27  
4 x 6Animals Who Live to be 100 Years Old2016-04-28  
4 x 7Spirit Bear2016-04-29  
4 x 8Panda Power Up!2016-07-19  
4 x 9Pangolin Rescue2016-07-20  
4 x 10Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man2016-07-21  
4 x 11Red Panda Rescue2016-07-22  
4 x 12The Colors of China2016-07-25  
4 x 13Creatures of the Deep Sea-Part 12016-11-23  
4 x 14Creatures of the Deep Sea-Part 22016-11-23  
4 x 15Liturgusa Krattorum2017-01-16  
4 x 16Snowy Owl Invasion2017-01-17  
4 x 17Puffin Rescue2017-01-18  
4 x 18Eel-lectric!2017-01-19  
4 x 19The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal2017-01-20  
4 x 20Archerfish School2017-04-10  
4 x 21This Orca Likes Sharks2017-04-11  
4 x 22Baby Tooth and Kid Musky2017-04-12  
4 x 23Cheetah Adopted2017-04-13  
4 x 24Musk Ox Mania2017-04-14  
SpecialWild Kratts Alaska: Hero's Journey2017-07-24
5 x 1Mystery of the North Pole Penguins?2017-07-25  
5 x 2Temple of the Tigers2017-07-27  
5 x 3The Dhole Duplicator2017-11-06  
5 x 4The Cobra King2017-11-07  
5 x 5Fire Salamander2017-11-08