The Felony Squad

All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1The Streets Are Paved With Gold1966-09-12  
1 x 2A Walk To Oblivion1966-09-19  
1 x 3The Broken Badge1966-09-26  
1 x 4Strike Out1966-10-03  
1 x 5A Date With Terror1966-10-10  
1 x 6Flame Out1966-10-17  
1 x 7The Immaculate Killer1966-10-24  
1 x 8Death of a Dream1966-10-31  
1 x 9Prologue To Murder1966-11-07  
1 x 10Killer With A Badge1966-11-14  
1 x 11Between Two Fires1966-11-21  
1 x 12The Terror Trap1966-11-28  
1 x 13The Killer Instinct1966-12-05  
1 x 14Fear Below1966-12-12  
1 x 15A Penny Game, A Two-Bit Murder1966-12-19  
1 x 16Miss Reilly's Revenge1966-12-26  
1 x 17A Death For A Dream1967-01-02  
1 x 18The Deadly Partner1967-01-09  
1 x 19The Night of the Shark (1)1967-01-16  
1 x 20The Night of the Shark (2)1967-01-23  
1 x 21The Strangler1967-01-30  
1 x 22Breakout1967-02-06  
1 x 23The Desperate Silence1967-02-13  
1 x 24Target!1967-02-20  
1 x 25Echo of a Killing1967-02-27  
1 x 26Live Coward, Dead Hero1967-03-13  
1 x 27A Blueprint For Dying1967-03-20  
1 x 28The Fear Merchant1967-03-27  
1 x 29The Savage Streets1967-04-03  
1 x 30Debt of Fear1967-04-10  
2 x 1Let Him Die!1967-08-31  
2 x 2The Counterfeit Cop1967-09-05  
2 x 3A Most Proper Killing1967-09-14  
2 x 4The 30-Gram Kill1967-09-20  
2 x 5The Death Bag1967-09-26  
2 x 6The Deadly Junkman1967-10-03  
2 x 7The Pat Hand of Death1967-10-19  
2 x 8Hit and Run, Run, Run1967-10-26  
2 x 9Time of Trial1967-11-01  
2 x 10Who'll Take Care of Joey?1967-11-08  
2 x 11My Mommy Got Lost1967-11-15  
2 x 12Ordeal By Terror1967-11-24  
2 x 13An Arrangement With Death (1)1967-12-01  
2 x 14An Arrangement With Death (2)1967-12-07  
2 x 15No Sad Songs For Charlie1967-12-14  
2 x 16Bed of Strangers1967-12-21  
2 x 17Killing, Country Style1967-12-28  
2 x 18The Flip Side of Fear (1)1968-01-04  
2 x 19The Flip Side of Fear (2)1968-01-11  
2 x 20The Love Victim1968-01-25  
2 x 21The Deadly Abductors1968-02-01  
2 x 22Nightmare On A Dead-End Street1968-02-12  
2 x 23Epitaph For A Cop1968-02-15  
2 x 24Man On Fire1968-02-20  
2 x 25Image Of Evil1968-02-29  
2 x 26The Human Target1968-03-07  
3 x 1A Fashion For Dying1968-09-16  
3 x 2Jury Of One1968-09-23  
3 x 3Underground Nightmare1968-09-30  
3 x 4The Deadly Innocents1968-10-03  
3 x 5Kiss Me, Kill You1968-10-17  
3 x 6The Nowhere Man (1)1968-10-24  
3 x 7The Nowhere Man (2)1968-11-01  
3 x 8Matched For Murder1968-11-15  
3 x 9The Fatal Hours1968-11-22  
3 x 10Hostage1968-11-29  
3 x 11The Distant Shore1968-12-02  
3 x 12Dark Memory1968-12-10  
3 x 13The Last Man in the World1968-12-18  
3 x 14Blind Terror1969-01-09  
3 x 15Conspiracy of Power (1)1968-12-19  
3 x 16Conspiracy of Power (2)1969-01-03  
3 x 17The Law and Order Blues1969-01-15