Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1965 x 1Americans on Everest1965-09-10  
1965 x 2Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees1965-12-22  
1966 x 1Voyage of the Brigantine Yankee1966-02-11  
1966 x 2The World of Jacques-Yves Cousteau1966-04-28  
1966 x 3Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man1966-11-05  
1966 x 4The Hidden World: A Study of Insects1966-12-13  
1967 x 1Alaska!1967-02-07  
1967 x 2Yankee Sails Across Europe1967-04-08  
1967 x 3Grizzly!1967-11-01  
1967 x 4Winged World1967-12-11  
1968 x 1Amazon1968-02-20  
1968 x 2The Lonely Dorymen1968-04-16  
1968 x 3America's Wonderlands1968-10-23  
1968 x 4Reptiles and Amphibians1968-12-03  
1969 x 1Australia: The Timeless Land  
1969 x 2Polynesian Adventure  
1969 x 3The Mystery of Animal Behavior  
1969 x 4Siberia: The Endless Horizon  
1970 x 1Wild River  
1970 x 2Holland Against the Sea  
1970 x 3Zoos of the World  
1970 x 4Ethiopia: The Hidden Temple  
1971 x 1The Great Mojave Desert  
1971 x 2Journey to the High Arctic  
1971 x 3Monkeys, Apes, and Man  
1972 x 1The Last Tribes of the Mindanao  
1972 x 2Man of the Serengeti  
1972 x 3The Last Vikings  
1973 x 1Strange Creatures of the Night  
1973 x 2The Violent Earth  
1973 x 3The Desert Bushmen of the Kalahari  
1973 x 4Wind Raiders of the Sahara  
1974 x 1Journey to the Outer Limits  
1974 x 2The Big Cats  
1974 x 3Bushmen of the Kalahari  
1975 x 1Man: The Incredible Machine  
1975 x 2This Britain  
1976 x 1Search for the Great Apes  
1976 x 2The Animals Nobody Loved  
1976 x 3Treasure!  
1977 x 1Voyage of the Hokule'a  
1977 x 2The New Indians  
1977 x 3The Volga  
1977 x 4Yukon Passage  
1978 x 1The Legacy of L.S.B. Leakey1978-01-09  
1978 x 2The Great Whales1978-02-16  
1978 x 3The Living Sands of Namib1978-03-06  
1979 x 1Gold!  
1979 x 2Hong Kong: A Family Portrait  
1979 x 3Last Stand in Eden  
1979 x 4The Tigris Expedition  
1980 x 1Dive to the Edge of Creation  
1980 x 2Mysteries of the Mind  
1980 x 3The Invisible World  
1980 x 4The Superliners  
1981 x 1Etosha: Place of Dry Water  
1981 x 2Living Treasures of Japan  
1981 x 3National Parks: Playground or Paradise  
1981 x 4Gorilla  
1982 x 1The Sharks  
1982 x 2Egypt: Quest for Eternity1982-02-03  
1982 x 3Polar Bear Alert  
1982 x 4The Thames  
1983 x 1Rain Forest  
1983 x 2Australia's Animal Mysteries  
1983 x 3Save the Panda  
1983 x 4Born of Fire  
1984 x 1Among the Wild Chimpanzees  
1984 x 2Love Those Trains  
1984 x 3Return to Everest  
1984 x 4Flight of the Whooping Crane  
1985 x 1The Greatest Flight  
1985 x 2Land of the Tiger  
1985 x 3Four Americans in China  
1985 x 4Ballad of the Irish Horse  
1985 x 5Great Moments with National Geographic  
1985 x 6Miraculous Machines  
1986 x 1Chesapeake Borne  
1986 x 2Creatures of the Mangrove  
1986 x 3Jerusalem: Within These Walls  
1986 x 4Realm of the Alligator  
1986 x 5Secrets of the Titanic1986-01-03  
1987 x 1Lions of the African Night  
1987 x 2In the Shadow of Vesuvius  
1987 x 3The Grizzlies  
1987 x 4Treasures From the Past  
1988 x 1African Odyssey  
1988 x 2Twilight of the Dreamtime  
1988 x 3Inside the Soviet Circus  
1988 x 4Mysteries of Mankind  
1988 x 5Australia's Aborigines1988-06-11  
1988 x 6The Explorers: A Century of Discovery1988-10-12  
1989 x 1Baka: People of the Forest  
1989 x 2Elephant  
1989 x 3Those Wonderful Dogs  
1989 x 4Serengeti Diary  
1990 x 1Amazon, Land of the Flooded Forest  
1990 x 2Bali, Masterpiece of the Gods  
1990 x 3Journey to the Forgotten River  
1990 x 4Voices of Leningrad  
1991 x 1Cats: Caressing the Tiger  
1991 x 2Splendid Stones  
1991 x 3The Soul of Spain  
1991 x 4Hawaii: Strangers in Paradise  
1992 x 1Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas  
1992 x 2The Mexicans: Through Their Eyes  
1992 x 3Braving Alaska  
1992 x 4Mysteries Underground  
1993 x 1Lost Kingdoms of the Maya  
1993 x 2Keepers of the Wild  
1993 x 3Survivors of the Skeleton Coast  
1993 x 4The Power of Water  
1994 x 1Last Voyage of the Lusitania  
1994 x 2Jewels of the Caribbean Sea1994-04-13  
1994 x 3Island of the Giant Bears  
1994 x 4Reflections on Elephants  
1994 x 5China: Beyond the Clouds  
1995 x 4Secrets of the Wild Panda1995-08-15  
1996 x 1Okavango: Africa's Wild Oasis  
1996 x 2Russia's Last Tsar  
1996 x 3Last Feast of the Crocodiles1996-02-07  
1996 x 200Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria1996-11-25  
1997 x 1Asteroids: Deadly Impact1997-05-09  
1998 x 1Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs1998-05-29  
1999 x 1Dolphins: The Wild Side1999-02-13  
1999 x 2Two Years in Galapagos  
2000 x 1Lost Ships of the Mediterranean  
2000 x 2The Nazi Expedition2000-06-06  
2001 x 1Quest for Noah's Flood  
2001 x 2Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack2001-05-21  
2001 x 3Inside the Vatican  
2001 x 4Mysteries of the Nile  
2001 x 5Sunk on Christmas Eve  
2002 x 1The Incredible Human Body  
2002 x 2The Search for Kennedy's PT 109  
2002 x 3Vietnam's Unseen War: Pictures from the Other Side2002-02-05  
2002 x 4Secrets of the Body Farm  
2003 x 1The Lost Film Of Dian Fossey2003-03-07  
2003 x 2Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed  
2003 x 3Into the Great Pyramid2003-03-04  
2003 x 4US Elite Police Force SWAT2003-06-06  
2003 x 5Inside Mecca2003-03-01  
2003 x 6Air Force One2003-05-10  
2004 x 1The Last Maneater: Killer Tigers of India  
2004 x 2A Treasure Ship's Tragedy  
2004 x 3Unlocking Da Vinci's Code: The Full Story  
2004 x 4Quest for the Phoenicians2004-10-17  
2004 x 5Lost Treasures of Afghanistan  
2004 x 6Inside the U.S Secret Service2004-10-24  
2004 x 7Dawn of the Maya2004-05-01  
2004 x 8Forces of Nature2004-05-28  
2004 x 9Starcraft  
2004 x 10Battle of the Arctic Giants  
2004 x 11Titanic Revealed2004-07-06  
2004 x 12In Search of Easter2004-04-01  
2004 x 13Inside the U.S. Secret Service2004-11-02  
2004 x 14Cheetahs: The Deadly Race2003-02-22  
2004 x 15Stalking Leopards2002-06-30  
2004 x 16The Exodus Revealed  
2004 x 17Hindenburg  
2004 x 18Ant Empire2016-06-15  
2005 x 1The Core  
2005 x 2Inside Hurricane Katrina2005-11-01  
2005 x 3Expeditions to the Edge: Lost in Space2005-04-30  
2005 x 4Elephants: The Dark Side2005-08-12  
2005 x 5Pyramids of Death2005-10-04  
2005 x 6UFOs: Seeing is Believing2005-02-24  
2005 x 7Ape Man: Search for the First Human2005-03-22  
2005 x 8Dino Autopsy  
2005 x 9Dino Death Trap2005-12-09  
2005 x 10Last Man Standing: The Human Race2005-03-28  
2005 x 11Moon Mysteries Investigated2005-09-16  
2005 x 12The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists 2005-07-26  
2005 x 13King Tut's Final Secrets2005-05-16  
2005 x 14Tornado Intercept2005-12-18  
2005 x 15The Last Royals2005-06-14  
2005 x 16African Mega Flyover  
2005 x 17Egypt Eternal: The Quest For Lost Tombs  
2005 x 18DNA Mysteries: The Search for Adam2005-10-10  
2005 x 19March Of The Penguins2005-07-22  
2005 x 20Tsunami: Day of Destruction  
2006 x 1The Scrap House2006-09-13  
2006 x 2Secrets of the Freemasons2006-05-15  
2006 x 3Insect Wars2006-01-13  
2006 x 4Challenger: The Untold Story2006-01-27  
2006 x 5Triple Cross: Bin Laden's Spy in America2006-08-28  
2006 x 6Hannibal: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery2006-05-14  
2006 x 7The Gospel of Judas2006-02-01  
2006 x 8Secrets of Mary Magdalene2006-09-05  
2006 x 9Sky Monsters  
2006 x 10Blackbeard: Terror at Sea2006-03-12  
2006 x 11Spartacus: Gladiator War 2006-04-06  
2006 x 12The Berlin Wall: Great Escapes2006-01-02  
2006 x 13Living in a Perfect World2006-11-16  
2006 x 14Deadly Designs2006-06-01  
2006 x 15Pompeii Uncovered  
2007 x 1Inside the Taliban2007-06-04  
2007 x 2China Circus: On Ice2007-12-02  
2007 x 3Amazonia's Giant Jaws2007-11-24  
2007 x 4Incredible Human Machine2007-10-21  
2007 x 5Hippo Hell2007-12-01  
2007 x 6Inside the Green Berets2007-06-03  
2007 x 7Inside the Living Body2007-09-16  
2007 x 8The Ship Sinkers2007-03-23  
2007 x 9Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure2007-10-05  
2007 x 10Samurai Sword2007-01-27  
2007 x 11Bug Brother2007-05-27  
2007 x 12Freemasons on Trial2007-03-25  
2007 x 13Lost Tribe of Palau2007-08-02  
2007 x 14Cheetah Blood Brothers2007-12-25  
2007 x 15Hippo: Africa's River Beast2007-08-19  
2007 x 16Supercarrier: USS Ronald Reagan2007-11-14  
2007 x 17In the Valley of the Wolves2007-11-04  
2007 x 18Bridge on the River Kwai2007-01-02  
2007 x 19Striker2007-05-02  
2007 x 20Eye of the Leopard2007-02-20  
2007 x 21Hitler and the Occult2007-11-11  
2007 x 22Octopus Volcano  
2007 x 23Inside Iraq's Killzone2007-01-21  
2007 x 24Inside the Emperor's Treasure2007-10-28  
2007 x 25Science of Obesity2007-09-17  
2007 x 26Nefertiti's Odyssey2007-06-23  
2007 x 28Rome's Buried City  
2007 x 29Science of Gigantism2007-11-20  
2007 x 30Penguin Death Zone2007-03-17  
2007 x 31The Great Inca Rebellion2007-06-19  
2007 x 32The Missing Years of Jesus2007-12-17  
2007 x 33Ghosts of the Black Sea  
2008 x 1Stonehenge Decoded2008-05-28  
2008 x 2Sharkville2008-07-25  
2008 x 3Science of Summer  
2008 x 421st Century Shark2008-12-30  
2008 x 5Journey to the Edge of the Universe2008-12-07  
2008 x 6Caught on Safari: Battle at Kruger2008-05-11  
2008 x 7World's Biggest Air Show2008-03-23  
2008 x 8Code Breakers2008-03-01  
2008 x 9Big Game Diaries2008-05-24  
2008 x 10Hammerhead Highway2008-04-03  
2008 x 11Smarter Than an Ape2008-05-01  
2008 x 12Ten Days to Victory2008-06-10  
2008 x 13Illicit: The Dark Trade2008-04-16  
2008 x 14Omaha Beach: Real Horror2008-07-09  
2008 x 15Buffalo Warrior2008-01-20  
2008 x 16Stress: Portrait of a Killer2008-09-24  
2008 x 17Eden at the End of the World2008-01-30  
2008 x 18Six Degrees Could Change the World2008-02-10  
2008 x 19Inside the Real NCIS2008-08-26  
2008 x 20The Bandits of Selous2008-07-19  
2008 x 21Great White Odyssey  
2008 x 22Inside The Koran2008-08-05  
2008 x 23Legends of the Ice World2008-04-26  
2008 x 24Super Coasters2008-04-05  
2008 x 25Bizarre Dinosaurs2008-03-01  
2008 x 26Crystal Skull Legend2008-11-23  
2008 x 27Science of Steroids2008-08-21  
2008 x 28Flight of the Jetman2008-09-26  
2008 x 29Ape Genius2008-02-19  
2008 x 30Unlocking The Great Pyramid2008-11-14  
2008 x 31Aftermath: Population Zero2008-03-09  
2008 x 32Respect: Ski Movie  
2008 x 33Greek Ferry Disaster  
2008 x 34Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice2008-10-04  
2008 x 35Pirate Treasure Hunters2008-01-13  
2008 x 39Inside: Ice Vegas  
2008 x 40Herod's Lost Tomb2008-11-23  
2008 x 41Shark Pit Mystery2008-09-06  
2008 x 42Human Footprint2008-04-13  
2008 x 43Scrapbooks From Hell: The Auschwitz Albums2008-04-26  
2008 x 44Titanic's Nuclear Secret2008-07-07  
2009 x 1Hubble's Final Frontier2009-01-23  
2009 x 2Seed Hunter2009-09-07  
2009 x 3Egypt: Secrets of the Dead2009-09-22  
2009 x 4Secrets of Shangri-La: Quest for the Sacred Caves2009-04-28  
2009 x 5Saving the Parthenon2009-08-22  
2009 x 6History's Hardest Prison2009-05-17  
2009 x 7Colombia Hostage Rescue2009-03-04  
2009 x 8Garbage Moguls2009-04-20  
2009 x 99/11: Science and Conspiracy2009-08-31  
2009 x 10Inside the Iraq War2009-12-13  
2009 x 11Expedition Antarctica2009-11-15  
2009 x 12Lion Army: Battle to Survive2009-04-21  
2009 x 13Lost on the Atlantic2009-05-14  
2009 x 13Swine Flu: The Science of Pandemics2009-05-14  
2009 x 14Secrets of the Tang Treasure Ship2009-08-08  
2009 x 15Flying Aircraft Carrier2009-02-11  
2009 x 16Mars: Making the New Earth2009-11-19  
2009 x 17 Busting the Berlin Wall2009-11-09  
2009 x 18America Before Columbus2009-11-22  
2009 x 19Alaskan Killer Shark2009-08-01  
2009 x 20Death of the Megabeasts2009-04-21  
2009 x 21Drug War Zone2009-12-13  
2009 x 22Martian Robots2009-01-13  
2009 x 23Asia's Titanic2009-11-03  
2009 x 24Cosmic Monsters2009-04-25  
2009 x 25Waking the Baby Mammoth2009-04-26  
2009 x 26Drain the Ocean2009-08-09  
2009 x 27Inside Afghan ER2009-08-15  
2009 x 28Living with Big Cats2009-10-23  
2009 x 29Alien Earths2009-08-23  
2009 x 30Direct from the Moon2009-11-05  
2009 x 31Time Shifters2009-12-22  
2009 x 32Humpbacks: Giants of the Ocean2009-10-31  
2009 x 33Hyena: Bone Crusher Queens2009-04-16  
2009 x 34Darwin's Secret Notebooks2009-02-10  
2009 x 35Animals at the Edge2009-08-10  
2009 x 36Great Escape: The Final Secrets2009-08-02  
2009 x 37Japan's Secret Weapon2009-12-13  
2009 x 38Hitler's Stealth Fighter2011-09-22  
2009 x 39Lost Cave Temples of the Himalayas2009-11-18  
2009 x 40The Real Abraham Lincoln2009-01-20  
2009 x 41Secret Life of Charles Lindbergh2009-07-27  
2009 x 42The First Jesus?2009-11-20  
2009 x 43Machu Picchu Decoded2014-01-19  
2009 x 44Titanic: How it Really Sank2009-05-12  
2009 x 200Hitler's Hidden Holocaust2009-01-08  
2010 x 1Somali Pirates: Fighting Back2010-05-19  
2010 x 2Dawn of the Ocean2010-08-24  
2010 x 3Swamp Troop2010-06-07  
2010 x 4Predator Battleground2010-01-18  
2010 x 5Stone Age Atlantis2010-04-13  
2010 x 6The Real Slumdogs2010-06-21  
2010 x 7Top 10 Photos of the Year2010-03-09  
2010 x 8Giuliani's 9/112010-08-15  
2010 x 9Sizing Up Sperm2010-03-14  
2010 x 10Commando Rescue2010-03-08  
2010 x 11Gulf Oil Spill2010-05-27  
2010 x 122210: The Collapse?2010-09-18  
2010 x 13Saxon Gold: Finding the Hoard2010-12-09  
2010 x 14The Real Old Bill2010-04-08  
2010 x 15My 9/112010-09-11  
2010 x 16Volcanic Ash Chaos: Inside the Eruption2010-06-18  
2010 x 17Moonshine2010-11-25  
2010 x 18Headshrinkers of the Amazon2010-01-11  
2010 x 19Nasca Lines Decoded2010-05-10  
2010 x 20Secrets of the Taj Mahal2010-02-10  
2010 x 21And Man Created Dog2010-08-08  
2010 x 22Secrets of Florence2010-01-10  
2010 x 23Africas Lost Eden: Gorongosa 2010-03-29  
2010 x 24Tudors From Above2010-02-02  
2010 x 25The Bombing of Germany2010-08-17  
2010 x 26My Child is a Monkey2010-08-05  
2010 x 27History's Hardest Prison 2010-09-13  
2010 x 28The Curse of the Hope Diamond2010-10-03  
2010 x 29Inside the State Department2010-11-09  
2010 x 30Asteroid That Hit Earth2010-07-23  
2010 x 31The Silver Pharaoh Mystery2010-07-10  
2010 x 32Sailing Sinbad's Treasure Ship2010-06-04  
2010 x 33Inside the Milky Way2010-10-24  
2010 x 34The Gunpowder Plot2010-11-02  
2010 x 35China's Lost Pyramids2010-08-10  
2010 x 362012: The Final Prophecy2010-04-03  
2010 x 37World's Biggest Cave2010-12-20  
2010 x 38Peru's Lost Pyramid City2010-09-27  
2010 x 39The Hunt for Lincoln's Assassin2010-12-26  
2010 x 40Quest for King Solomon's Mines2010-11-23  
2010 x 41Heart of the Amazon2010-03-23  
2010 x 42Weirdest Planets2010-12-17  
2010 x 44Inside Google2010-10-11  
2010 x 45Obama's White House2010-09-24  
2010 x 46The Twins Who Share A Brain2010-06-15  
2010 x 47Lost World: Underwater2010-06-17  
2010 x 48Amish at the Altar2010-11-08  
2010 x 49Into the Lost Crystal Caves2010-10-10  
2010 x 50Headhunters Of World War II2010-10-09  
2011 x 1Secrets of the Virgin Queen2011-01-25  
2011 x 2Earth: Making of a Planet2011-02-06  
2011 x 3Lincoln's Secret Killer?2011-02-21  
2011 x 4Medieval Fight Book2011-01-25  
2011 x 5Finding Atlantis2011-03-13  
2011 x 6Countdown to Catastrophe: Mega Quake2011-03-13  
2011 x 7Minutes to Meltdown: Three Mile Island2011-03-19  
2011 x 8Eating With Cannibals2011-03-23  
2011 x 9Hunt for the Abominable Snowman2011-04-04  
2011 x 10Last Stand of the Templars2011-04-04  
2011 x 11Egypt's Lost Rival2011-04-05  
2011 x 12Man vs. Volcano2011-04-07  
2011 x 13Ben Franklin's Pirate Fleet2011-04-08  
2011 x 14Death of a Sea Monster2011-04-09  
2011 x 15Tiger Man of Africa: The Mating Game2011-04-09  
2011 x 1662 Days at Sea2011-04-07  
2011 x 17Into Iceland's Volcano2011-04-05  
2011 x 18Sex, Drugs and Plants2011-04-10  
2011 x 19Return of the Ghost Ship2011-04-06  
2011 x 20Finding Jack the Ripper2011-04-03  
2011 x 21Gladiators Back from the Dead2011-04-12  
2011 x 22The Conspirator: The Plot to Kill Lincoln2011-04-12  
2011 x 23Death of a Mars Rover2011-06-02  
2011 x 24The Girl in the Glass Casket2011-04-19  
2011 x 25The Pope's Secret Service2011-04-19  
2011 x 26Inside The Muslim Brotherhood2011-04-20  
2011 x 27Seized and Sold: The Madoff Auction2011-04-27  
2011 x 28Secrets of the Mediterranean: Cousteau's Lost World2011-04-21  
2011 x 29Wicked Pirate City2011-05-09  
2011 x 30Navajo Cops2011-05-11  
2011 x 31City of Ants2011-05-04  
2011 x 32Treasure Tomb of the Warrior Queen2011-05-13  
2011 x 33X-Ray Earth2011-05-15  
2011 x 34Vanished From Alcatraz2011-02-09  
2011 x 35Daytona Biker Rally2011-05-27  
2011 x 36Gulf Coast Disaster2011-04-18  
2011 x 37Snipers Inc.2011-06-26  
2011 x 38Doomsday Preppers2011-06-27  
2011 x 39Cocaine Sub Hunt2011-07-01  
2011 x 40Rebuilding Titanic2011-06-20  
2011 x 41Amish on Break2011-06-28  
2011 x 42Catacombs of Palermo2011-07-03  
2011 x 43Salem Witch Trial Conspiracy2011-07-03  
2011 x 44Witch Hunter's Bible2011-04-05  
2011 x 45Russia's Toughest Prisons2011-06-30  
2011 x 46Hitler's Suicide Ship2011-07-26  
2011 x 47Hunting Hitler's Generals2011-03-08  
2011 x 48China's Ghost Army2011-04-22  
2011 x 49How to Build a Volcano2011-08-07  
2011 x 50Fireball Of Christ2011-07-01  
2011 x 51Pint-Sized Preachers2011-08-17  
2011 x 52The Liquid Bomb Plot2011-08-21  
2011 x 53Kissinger2011-09-12  
2011 x 54Robot Soldiers2011-07-11  
2011 x 55Life after Dinosaurs2011-08-26  
2011 x 56Inside: Pickpocket King2011-12-02  
2011 x 58Drain The Great Lakes2011-12-01  
2011 x 59Inside: Cocaine Submarines2011-04-12  
2011 x 61London Underground Revealed2011-12-01  
2011 x 62Icebreakers: Arctic Giants  
2011 x 65Diving the Labyrinth2011-08-12  
2011 x 66Great Fire of London: The Untold Story2011-12-19  
2011 x 67Wrong Turn to Tragedy  
2011 x 69 George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview2011-08-28  
2011 x 70The Egyptian Job2011-03-17  
2011 x 71Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan2011-11-03  
2011 x 72Viking Apocalypse2011-12-22  
2011 x 73UFO UK: New Evidence2011-03-16  
2011 x 74Finding the Next Earth2011-12-06  
2011 x 75Hitler's Secret Weapon2011-05-10  
2011 x 76Australia's Greatest Flood2011-10-27  
2011 x 77Hunting Hitler's Henchmen2011-10-02  
2011 x 78Moors Murderer: Right To Die?2011-12-13  
2011 x 79Shackleton's Whisky2011-11-03  
2011 x 80Brick by Brick: The Making of the Iron Curtain2011-11-14  
2011 x 81Deepest Dive: The Story of Trieste2011-11-24  
2011 x 82Journey To Europa2011-04-15  
2011 x 83World's Biggest Bomb2011-07-12  
2012 x 1Diving into Noah's Flood2012-01-05  
2012 x 2Desert Seas2012-02-05  
2012 x 3Trekking The Great Wall2012-02-11  
2012 x 4Alcatraz Breakout: New Evidence2012-02-08  
2012 x 5Lost World of the Pacific2012-02-15  
2012 x 6Save the Titanic With Bob Ballard2012-04-09  
2012 x 7Titanic: Case Closed2012-04-10  
2012 x 8Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron2012-04-08  
2012 x 9Vampire Skeletons Mystery2012-03-07  
2012 x 10Elizabeth I: Killer Queen2012-04-27  
2012 x 11Light the Ocean2012-04-22  
2012 x 12Millennium Heist: Diamond Geezers2012-04-02  
2012 x 13The Two-Million Year Old Boy2012-01-26  
2012 x 14James Cameron: Voyage to the Bottom of the Earth2012-05-06  
2012 x 15Sex in the Stone Age2012-04-12  
2012 x 16Down To The Earth's Core2012-05-10  
2012 x 17Templar's Lost Treasure2012-06-11  
2012 x 18The BTK Killer2012-06-04  
2012 x 1921st Century Sex Slaves2012-06-04  
2012 x 20Alcatraz: Surviving The Rock2012-06-14  
2012 x 21Dark Secrets of The Lusitania2012-07-15  
2012 x 22Narco Bling2012-07-25  
2012 x 23Hiroshima: Nuclear Apocalypse2012-06-15  
2012 x 24Doomsday 2210?2012-06-09  
2012 x 25I Escaped A Cult2012-04-10  
2012 x 26Martian Mega Rover2012-08-09  
2012 x 27American Transgender2012-05-01  
2012 x 28Building the Empire State2012-05-20  
2012 x 29Hitler's Secret Attack on America2012-09-16  
2012 x 30Superstorm New York: What Really Happened2012-12-29  
2012 x 31Earth's Giant Hole2012-11-21  
2012 x 32Preppers UK: Surviving Armageddon2012-11-28  
2012 x 33Evacuate Earth2012-12-02  
2012 x 34Australia's Hardest Prison2012-02-15  
2012 x 35Maya Underworld: The Real Doomsday2012-12-08  
2012 x 36Secret Lives of the Apostles2012-12-23  
2012 x 37Inside Underground Poker2012-11-27  
2012 x 38America's Money Vault2012-10-11  
2012 x 39Abu Dhabi: Between Tradition and 21st Century2012-12-31  
2012 x 40Inside the NSA: America's Cyber Secrets2012-01-30  
2012 x 41American Mansion: Secrets of the Rockefeller Estate2012-10-12  
2012 x 42Through Their Eyes2012-03-19  
2012 x 43Cradle of the Gods2012-03-13  
2012 x 44Treasure Hoard: Secrets of the Lost Gold2012-06-04  
2012 x 45Jonestown - Nightmare in Paradise2012-08-28  
2012 x 46Sailing the Treasure Ship2012-08-08  
2012 x 47Dinofish2012-10-21  
2013 x 1Costa Concordia Disaster: One Year On2013-01-15  
2013 x 2Killing Lincoln2013-02-17  
2013 x 3Inside: Tokyo Mafia2013-02-25  
2013 x 4Inside: 21st Century Warship2013-02-10  
2013 x 5Saving Egypt's Oldest Pyramid2013-02-23  
2013 x 6Pope Francis - Road to the Vatican2013-02-14  
2013 x 7Mammoth - Back from the Dead2013-04-13  
2013 x 8Chasing Ice2013-04-19  
2013 x 9Bones of the Buddha2013-05-11  
2013 x 10King of Coke: Living the High Life2013-05-14  
2013 x 11The World in Two Cities2013-05-14  
2013 x 12Card Shark2013-06-03  
2013 x 13Blow Your Mind2013-07-01  
2013 x 14Cycling's Greatest Fraud2013-07-16  
2013 x 15Preppers UK 22013-06-05  
2013 x 16Skeletons of the Sahara2013-09-25  
2013 x 17Ultimate Mars Challenge2013-10-12  
2013 x 18Extreme Neighbors2013-06-01  
2013 x 19How Sherlock Changed the World2013-10-08  
2013 x 20Sex - How It Works2013-06-18  
2013 x 21Wingsuit Daredevil2013-11-09  
2013 x 22Killing Kennedy2013-11-10  
2013 x 23JFK: The Final Hours2013-11-08  
2013 x 24Bigfoot: The New Evidence2013-11-17  
2013 x 25Red Alaska2013-11-30  
2013 x 26Top Ten Natural Disasters2013-09-06  
2013 x 27The Lost Diary of Dr Livingstone2013-12-14  
2013 x 28Comet of the Century2013-11-27  
2013 x 29Quest For The Holy Foreskin2013-12-22  
2013 x 30Woman Raised By Monkeys2013-12-11  
2013 x 31Man Vs. Youtube2013-08-30  
2013 x 3220 Animals That Will Kill You2013-08-04  
2014 x 1Ten Years on Mars2014-01-06  
2014 x 2The Flying Squad: The Real Sweeney2014-02-05  
2014 x 3Hunting Hitler's Stolen Treasures: The Monuments Men2014-01-17  
2014 x 4The Real Pompeii2014-02-20  
2014 x 5Mennonite Made2014-02-18  
2014 x 6Live From Space2014-03-14  
2014 x 7London's Zeppelin Attacks2014-04-10  
2014 x 8The Jesus Mysteries2014-04-19  
2014 x 9When Continents Collide  
2014 x 10Chasing Rhinos with Billy Bush  
2014 x 11Florida Untamed: Gator Country2014-04-27  
2014 x 12Florida Untamed: Croc Coast2014-04-27  
2014 x 13D-Day Sacrifice: The Landing2014-06-03  
2014 x 14D-Day Sacrifice: Battle of Normandy2014-06-03  
2014 x 15Hyena Coast2014-06-08  
2014 x 16Hitler's Jurassic Monsters2014-06-15  
2014 x 17JFK: Seven Days That Made a President2013-11-22  
2014 x 18Generation Astronaut2014-07-14  
2014 x 19Methbusters  
2014 x 20Bannockburn: The Real Bravehearts2014-07-27  
2014 x 21Guantanamo's Secrets2014-02-01  
2014 x 22Return of the Mummy  
2014 x 239/11 Rescue Cops2014-09-06  
2014 x 24 9/11: The Final Hours2014-09-07  
2014 x 25Giant Pandas2014-09-22  
2014 x 26Wild Namibia2014-09-07  
2014 x 27China's Golden Monkeys2014-09-19  
2014 x 28Mammoth Unearthed2014-10-27  
2014 x 29Alien Worlds2014-10-29  
2014 x 30Secrets Of The Great Escape Revealed2014-10-31  
2014 x 319-11 And The American Dream2014-09-11  
2014 x 32Wild Super Snake2014-06-18  
2014 x 33Nat Geo's Top 10 Photos2014-06-29  
2014 x 34Comet Catcher: The Rosetta Landing2014-11-12  
2014 x 35Hasselhoff vs the Berlin Wall2014-11-09  
2014 x 369/11 Voices From The Air2014-09-06  
2014 x 379/11 The Miracle Survivor2014-09-07  
2014 x 38Nazi Death Camp: The Great Escape2014-10-11  
2014 x 39Wild Kalahari  
2014 x 40Pearl Harbor Seconds From Disaster2014-09-12  
2014 x 41Sleepless in America2014-11-30  
2014 x 42Area 51 The CIA's Secret Files2014-12-01  
2014 x 43Drain the Bermuda Triangle2014-12-07  
2014 x 44Cooking Alaska2014-12-08  
2014 x 45Hitler the Junkie2014-12-15  
2014 x 46In Love With Hitler2014-09-24  
2014 x 47Cocaine Crackdown2014-12-27  
2014 x 48The Next Mega Tsunami2014-12-27  
2014 x 49The Quest For Gold2014-12-21  
2014 x 50Elizabeth I War on Terror2014-06-24  
2014 x 51Brothers in War2014-03-26  
2014 x 52Mystery Gorilla  
2014 x 53Murder In The Family2014-06-18  
2014 x 54Lincoln: American Mastermind  
2014 x 55Hidden Horrors of the Moon Landings2007-11-05  
2014 x 56Nazi Temple of Doom2014-05-01  
2014 x 57Inside Area 51's Secrets  
2014 x 58The Lion Whisperer2014-08-04  
2014 x 59Devil's Bible2008-09-01  
2014 x 60Ultimate Tutankhamun2014-05-09  
2014 x 61Hunt For The Giant Squid2014-04-09  
2014 x 62Secret History Of UFOs  
2014 x 63Living Wild  
2014 x 64Get Lost in Korea  
2014 x 65Surviving Wild America2014-07-30  
2014 x 66Miracle Landing on the Hudson2014-06-22  
2014 x 67Hitler's Hidden City2014-10-06  
2014 x 68My Gorilla Family  
2015 x 1The Raising of The Costa Concordia2015-01-09  
2015 x 2Anne Franks Holocaust: The Nazi Capture2015-03-10  
2015 x 3Anne Franks Holocaust: Final Days Of Anne Frank2015-03-22  
2015 x 4Killing Jesus2015-03-29  
2015 x 5Desert Justice2015-04-01  
2015 x 6Decoding Bible Relics  
2015 x 7Hubble's Cosmic Journey2015-04-20  
2015 x 8The National Mall: America's Front Yard2015-04-21  
2015 x 9Raccoon: Backyard Bandits2015-05-14  
2015 x 10Eagle - Queen of the Skies2015-05-31  
2015 x 11Hitler's Last Year 12015-05-24  
2015 x 12Hitler's Last Year 22015-05-24  
2015 x 14Scotland's Most Evil Murderer2015-05-20  
2015 x 15The Night Stalker2015-05-09  
2015 x 16The Walk Around the World2015-05-15  
2015 x 17Drain the Titanic2015-06-01  
2015 x 18T. Rex Autopsy2015-06-07  
2015 x 19Top 10 Biggest Beasts Ever2015-06-09  
2015 x 20Driving America2015-05-25  
2015 x 21I Am Dying2015-06-13  
2015 x 22Titanic: Ballards Secret Mission: Revealed2015-06-16  
2015 x 23Weirdest Dinosaurs2015-06-09  
2015 x 24Dino Death Match2015-06-05  
2015 x 25Dinosaurs Decoded2015-07-09  
2015 x 26Mission Pluto2015-07-12  
2015 x 27Nazi Scrapbooks From Hell2015-07-13  
2015 x 28ORBIS: Hospital in the Sky2015-08-21  
2015 x 29Birthplace of the Giants  
2015 x 30YouTube Revolution2015-08-30  
2015 x 31The 2000's Greatest Tragedies  
2015 x 32Giant Sea Serpent: Meet The Myth2015-09-15  
2015 x 33Hitler’s Death Squad2015-09-27  
2015 x 34Dawn of Humanity2015-09-23  
2015 x 35Objective Baku2015-05-09  
2015 x 36Explorer: Legend of the Monkey God2015-10-04  
2015 x 37Ultimate Mars Challenge2015-05-10  
2015 x 38Science Of Saints2015-04-09  
2015 x 39Russia's Mystery Files2015-07-19  
2015 x 40Light The Ocean2015-07-21  
2015 x 41Mystery Caves Of Guangxi2015-07-22  
2015 x 42Jesus: The Rise To Power2015-03-11  
2015 x 43The Quest for the Holy Foreskin2015-03-12  
2015 x 44Omens of the Apocalypse2015-03-13  
2015 x 45Witness: Tornado2015-07-09  
2015 x 46Billy the Kid: New Evidence2015-10-18  
2015 x 47Brain Surgery Live2015-10-25  
2015 x 48Mankind from Space2015-11-15  
2015 x 50How Nero Saved Rome  
2015 x 51China's Grand Canal: A Photographer's Journey2015-10-29  
2015 x 52Surrender: The Nazis' Last Stand2015-11-09  
2015 x 53Hitler's Final Days  
2015 x 54How to Win at Everything 1  
2015 x 55How to Win at Everything 2  
2015 x 56Unseen Islands: 1. Atlantic Arks  
2015 x 57Reverse Exploration2015-11-22  
2015 x 58Dark Side of Crocs 2015-11-28  
2015 x 59Unseen Islands: 2. Fragments of Paradise  
2015 x 60Inside LEGO2015-12-20  
2015 x 61Wonderfully Weird: Bizarre Beauties  
2015 x 62Wonderfully Weird: Weird but True  
2015 x 63Surrender: The Fall of Nazi Germany2015-11-06  
2015 x 64Life on Mars: The Amazing Rovers  
2015 x 65Shark Survivors USA  
2015 x 66Inside the Mega Twister2015-12-06  
2015 x 67Hitler's Supergun2015-11-22  
2015 x 68Winter Wonderland  
2015 x 69The Search For China's Blue Hole  
2015 x 70Wild Horses of the Marshes  
2016 x 1Sky Safari Australia2016-01-06  
2016 x 2Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes2016-01-25  
2016 x 3Wild Islands: Caribbean2016-01-31  
2016 x 4Behind Russia’s Frozen Curtain2016-02-14  
2016 x 5Tiger on the Run  
2016 x 625 Years2016-02-28  
2016 x 7Rebel Pope2016-04-03  
2016 x 8Sea Monsters: The Definitive Guide2016-03-28  
2016 x 9Return From the Dead  
2016 x 10Map of Hell2016-05-15  
2016 x 11Incredible Spiders2016-05-21  
2016 x 12Inside the Body of Henry VIII2016-06-16  
2016 x 13Prison Nation2016-07-27  
2016 x 14The Whale that ate Jaws  
2016 x 15Mammoth back from the Dead  
2016 x 16Pope vs. Hitler2016-09-11  
2016 x 179/11: The Longest War2016-09-11  
2016 x 18Amazon Underworld2016-10-09  
2016 x 19Killing Reagan2016-10-16  
2016 x 20China's Megatomb Revealed  
2016 x 21Before the Flood2016-10-31  
2016 x 22Hubble's Amazing Journey2016-12-11  
2016 x 23Ghosts of Pearl Harbor2016-12-04  
2016 x 24Drain the Ocean: WWII2016-09-16  
2016 x 25The Real Saddam Hussein2017-01-01  
2016 x 26Human Inferno  
2016 x 27Cradle to Grave  
2017 x 1Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric2017-02-06  
2017 x 2Human Family Tree: Branching Out2017-02-06  
2017 x 3Water & Power: A California Heist  
2017 x 4America's Wild States: Wild Hawaii: Land of Fire  
2017 x 5America's Wild States: Wild Hawaii: Secrets of the Deep  
2017 x 6America's Wild States: Wild Florida: Gator Country  
2017 x 7America's Wild States: Wild Florida: Croc Coast  
2017 x 8UFO UK New Evidence2017-04-04  
2017 x 9Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS2017-06-11  
2017 x 10From the Ashes2017-06-25  
2017 x 11Earth Live2017-07-09  
2017 x 12Drain the Sunken Pirate City  
2017 x 13Psychedelic Underworld  
2017 x 14The World's Deadliest Gangs  
2017 x 15Heroin Explosion  
2017 x 16LA 92  
2017 x 17America's Great War: 1917-1918