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Curse of the Royal Harem

Consort Quan (Jessica Hsuan) was Emperor Daoguang (Sunny Chan) elder brother's new wife. However, Daoguang's brother was missing after a battle and his body was never found. Empress Dowager Congci (Gigi Wong) devastated that she lost her beloved son. She saw Quan as an ominous woman and wanted her dead. Daoguang was already in love with Quan since he was young. One day, he announced Quan as his new concubine, which angered Empress Shencheng (Myolie Wu). Partnering up with Empress Dowager, the two vowed to eradicate Quan using many different schemes to harm her. As Quan wanted to protect herself, she did not hesitate to battle the Empress to the end. During their battle, Quan accidentally discovered a major plot happening in the royal harem. Who is behind this big plot? Who will be the winner in this intense battle in the royal harem?


First Aired: October 31, 2011
Air Day: Daily
Air Time: 8:30 PM
Runtime: 45 minutes
Network: TVB
Genre: Drama


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