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The Legend of Crazy Monk

Ji Gong is a crazy monk who eats meat and drinks beer, while still a fairy he was one of the main Eighteen Buddha Monk, after catching the Eagle that serves under the Buddha himself he was send to Earth to become a monk all because of the 2 fairies that was guarding the Eagle. The 2 fairies accidentally let the Eagle free and in punishment all 3 fairies was send to Earth to be human monks. There was also another fairy that was killed by the Eagle and he was also send down to be a regular human, but not a monk. Continuation of the adventures of crazy monk, his two disciples and monks from Ling Yin Ji Temple to help world lives and solve human sufferings,. as the story unfolds into 9 different sub-stories entitled "Blood Magic Was Born", "Chastity Memorial", "Painting In The Fairy". "Trojans Margin", "Double Break-Off An Engagement", "Million Should Temples", "Mad Female Robbery", "Snow


First Aired: December 18, 2011
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Runtime: 45 minutes
Genre: Comedy


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