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About dramatic intertwining fates of two female spies during the Second World War. Arina Prozorovskaya - an idealist, convinced the Komsomol, who grew up in a family of intellectuals. Zoe Velichko - country girl, the daughter of a repressed fist will of fate was in the criminal world and typing there some cynicism. Shortly before the war, the two girls are to intelligence, led by an experienced intelligence officer, Major Vorotynnikov. The circumstances in which girls start school, very tragic. On Arina "hangs" accusation of treason, and the service for her only chance to justify himself. Zoe is accused of killing the mother of Arina, which occurred shortly before the girls hit the intelligence school. Although Zoe did not commit the murder, and even tried to stop him, she had no evidence. Therefore, Zoe government jobs - as the only way to avoid punishment.


First Aired: May 7, 2013
Air Day:
Air Time: 20:00
Runtime: 50 minutes
Network: 1+1
Genre: Action


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