Doctor Who (2005)

Season 2                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

This season is locked at the series level and cannot be changed.
It was locked by Maretoh
DVD Season #DVD Episode # Episode Name Originally Aired Image
SpecialTardisode 01: New Earth2006-04-08
21.0New Earth2006-04-15
SpecialTardisode 02: Tooth And Claw2006-04-15
22.0Tooth and Claw2006-04-22
SpecialTardisode 03: School Reunion2006-04-22
23.0School Reunion2006-04-29
SpecialTardisode 04: The Girl In The Fireplace2006-04-29
24.0The Girl in the Fireplace2006-05-06
SpecialTardisode 05: Rise of the Cybermen2006-05-06
25.0Rise of the Cybermen (1)2006-05-13
SpecialTardisode 06: The Age Of Steel2006-05-13
26.0The Age of Steel (2)2006-05-20
SpecialTardisode 07: The Idiot's Lantern2006-05-20
27.0The Idiot's Lantern2006-05-27
SpecialTardisode 08: The Impossible Planet2006-05-27
28.0The Impossible Planet (1)2006-06-03
SpecialTardisode 09: The Satan Pit2006-06-03
29.0The Satan Pit (2)2006-06-10
SpecialTardisode 10: Love And Monsters2006-06-17
210.0Love and Monsters2006-06-17
SpecialTardisode 11: Fear Her2006-06-17
211.0Fear Her2006-06-24
SpecialTardisode 12: Army of Ghosts2006-06-24
212.0Army of Ghosts (1)2006-07-01
SpecialTardisode 13: Doomsday2006-07-01
213.0Doomsday (2)2006-07-08
SpecialThe Runaway Bride2006-12-25

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