Come Dine With Me

Season 20                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

DVD Season #DVD Episode # Episode Name Originally Aired Image
201.0All in One: Gameshows Special, Pat Sharp, Anthea Redfern, Jenny Powell, Michael Barrymore2010-05-23
202.0All in One: Reality Stars, Janice Dickinson, Samantha Fox, Jeff Brazier, Calum Best2010-07-15
203.0All in One: Big Brother Winners, Nadia Almada, Brian Belo, Sophie Reade, Brian Dowling2010-09-06
204.0All in One: Celebrity Special, Debbie McGee, Lembit Öpik, Iain Lee, Jodie Marsh2010-09-14
205.0All in One: Merseyside2010-11-19
206.0All in One: East Suffolk2010-12-03 
207.0All in One: Manchester2010-11-12
208.0All in One: North West London2011-03-27 
209.0All in One: East Lancashire2011-01-23
2010.0All in One: Dorset2011-02-20
2011.0All in One: Walsall 2011-03-13
2012.0All in One: Nuneaton 2011-03-20
2013.0All in One: Soap Special, Brian Capron, Lorraine Chase, Adele Silva, James Redmond2010-10-22
2014.0All in One: South Buckinghamshire2011-02-13
2015.0All in One: Ayrshire 2011-02-27
2016.0All in One: Wakefield2010-12-31 
2017.0All in One: Coronation Street Special, Julie Goodyear, Ken Morley, Tupele Dorgu, Phil Middlemiss2010-12-06
2018.0All in One: North Lancashire2011-03-06 
2019.0All in One: Christmas Celebrity Special, Goldie, Suzie Amy, Janet Ellis, Tony Christie2010-12-22
2020.0All in One: West Lincolnshire2011-01-30
2021.0All in One: Southampton2011-04-24 
2022.0All in One: West Nottinghamshire2011-02-06
2023.0All in One: Swansea 2011-04-10 
2024.0All in One: Worcester2011-04-03 
2025.0All in One: Bedford2011-04-17 
2026.0All in One: Celebrity Special, Diane Abbott, Terry Christian, Wayne Sleep, Danielle Lloyd2011-01-10
2027.0All in One: North East London2011-05-08 
2028.0All in One: South East Essex2011-05-01 
2029.0All in One: Harrogate2011-06-17 
2030.0All in One: Exeter2011-05-15 
2031.0All in One: Leeds2011-05-29 
2032.0All in One: Birmingham 2011-07-08 
2033.0All in One: Northampton2011-06-24 
2034.0All in One: Leicester 2011-07-01 
2035.0All in One: Newcastle2011-05-22 

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