Doctor Who (2005)

Season 8                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

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DVD Season #DVD Episode # Episode Name Originally Aired Image
SpecialEarth Conquest (The World Tour)2014-08-22
SpecialLive Preshow2014-08-23
SpecialDeep Breath Prequel2014-08-23
81.0Deep Breath2014-08-23
SpecialAfter Who Live2014-08-23
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Deep Breath2014-08-23
82.0Into the Dalek2014-08-30
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Into the Dalek2014-08-30
83.0Robot of Sherwood2014-09-06
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Robot of Sherwood2014-09-06
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Listen2014-09-13
85.0Time Heist2014-09-20
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Time Heist2014-09-20
86.0The Caretaker2014-09-27
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: The Caretaker2014-09-27
87.0Kill the Moon2014-10-04
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Kill the Moon2014-10-04
88.0Mummy on the Orient Express2014-10-11
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Mummy on the Orient Express2014-10-11
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Flatline2014-10-18
810.0In the Forest of the Night2014-10-25
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: The Forest of the Night2014-10-25
811.0Dark Water2014-11-01
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Dark Water2014-11-01
812.0Death In Heaven2014-11-08
SpecialLast Christmas2014-12-25
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: Last Christmas2014-12-25

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