Doctor Who (2005)

Season 9                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

This season is locked at the series level and cannot be changed.
It was locked by DarklightIndigo
Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
SpecialThe Doctor's Meditation 2015-09-18 
1The Magician's Apprentice (1)2015-09-19
2The Witch's Familiar (2)2015-09-26
3Under The Lake (1)2015-10-03
4Before The Flood (2)2015-10-10
5The Girl Who Died (1)2015-10-17
6The Woman Who Lived (2)2015-10-24
7The Zygon Invasion (1)2015-10-31
8The Zygon Inversion (2)2015-11-07
9Sleep No More2015-11-14
10Face The Raven2015-11-21
11Heaven Sent (1)2015-11-28
12Hell Bent (2)2015-12-05
SpecialThe Husbands of River Song2015-12-25 
SpecialDoctor Who Extra: The Husbands of River Song2015-12-25 
SpecialThe Return of Doctor Mysterio2016-12-25

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