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Night Goblin

Night Goblin is a reality show where in each episode, the cast will attempt to be the first to enter different well-known places for food or recreation throughout South Korea in the next morning, by the means of overnight camping. In each episode, the cast and guest(s) gather together at around 12am (KST), then proceed to their base camp, which was set up nearby the well-known place (usually the rooftop of a selected building). At the base camp, they will be camping overnight and, in the next morning, attempt to be the first in line as a team to enter the well-known place. During the overnight camping, at any time, a time fairy will appear to help the cast by telling the time (as knowing of the time is not allowed throughout the overnight camping, hence the production team will confiscate the cast's and guests' mobile phones and watches before the start of overnight camping) and gi

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First Aired: July 30, 2017
Air Day: Sunday
Air Time: 12:30
Runtime: 90 minutes
Network: jTBC
Genre: Adventure
Talk Show


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Jeong Hyeong-don

as Jeong Hyeong-don
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Lee Su-geun

as Lee Su-geun
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Park Seong-gwang

as Park Seong-gwang
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