Star Trek: First Contact

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It is the 24th century. Captain Jean Luc Picard awakens from a nightmare in which he relived his assimilation by the cybernetic Borg The Best of Both Worlds (Star Trek: The Next Generation). He is contacted by Admiral Hayes, who informs him of a new Borg threat against Earth (Star Trek). Picard's orders are for his ship, , to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone in case of Romulan aggression; Starfleet is worried that Picard is too emotionally involved with the Borg to join the fight. Learning the fleet is losing the battle, the ''Enterprise'' crew disobeys orders and heads for Earth, where a single Borg Cube ship holds its own against a group of Starfleet vessels. ''Enterprise'' arrives in time to assist the crew of and its captain, the Klingon Worf. Picard takes control of the fleet and directs the surviving ships to concentrate their firepower on a seemingly unimportant point on the Borg ship.<ref name="nemecek-326">Nemecek, 326.</ref> The Cube is destroyed after launching a smaller sphere ship towards the planet. ''Enterprise'' pursues the sphere into a temporal vortex. As the sphere disappears, ''Enterprise'' discovers Earth has been altered – it is now populated entirely by Borg. Realizing the Borg have used time travel to change the past, ''Enterprise'' follows the sphere through the vortex.<ref name="startrek-synopsis"></ref>

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