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Henry Jones



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Family Reunion Remember Macho Mazzi? July 10, 2019 Writer
Empty Nest The Last Temptation of Laverne March 23, 1991 Guest Star
Coach Cabin Fever November 27, 1990 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote Mr. Penroy's Vacation November 6, 1988 Guest Star
Silver Spoons Thoroughly Modern Mildred February 26, 1987 Guest Star
Scarecrow and Mrs. King Mission of Gold February 20, 1987 Guest Star
MacGyver The Eraser September 29, 1986 Guest Star
Code Name: Foxfire Slay It Again, Sam October 12, 1985 Guest Star
The Dukes of Hazzard Pin the Tail on the Dukes January 22, 1982 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. The Golden Hour November 4, 1981 Guest Star
Here's Boomer George and Emma October 24, 1981 Guest Star
B.J. and the Bear Seven Lady Captives March 24, 1981 Guest Star
B.J. and the Bear For Adults Only March 10, 1981 Guest Star
The Littlest Hobo Duddleman and the Diamond Ring September 25, 1980 Guest Star
Flo Happy Birthday, Mama April 7, 1980 Guest Star
Supertrain The Green Girl April 28, 1979 Guest Star
Turnabout Penny's Old Boyfriend February 2, 1979 Guest Star
Vega$ Milliken's Stash November 8, 1978 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. A Test for the Living October 19, 1978 Guest Star
The Six Million Dollar Man Return of the Robot Maker January 26, 1975 Guest Star
Petrocelli A Life for a Life October 9, 1974 Guest Star
The Six Million Dollar Man Run, Steve, Run April 26, 1974 Guest Star
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice October 10, 1973 Guest Star
McMillan and Wife The Fine Art of Staying Alive March 11, 1973 Guest Star
The Paul Lynde Show The Bare Facts January 3, 1973 Guest Star
Night Gallery You Can't Get Help like That Anymore February 23, 1972 Guest Star
Gunsmoke No Tomorrow January 3, 1972 Guest Star
Alias Smith and Jones The Day They Hanged Kid Curry September 16, 1971 Guest Star
The Smith Family Another Day, Another Dollar March 10, 1971 Guest Star
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Howard's Girl January 2, 1971 Guest Star
Nanny and the Professor I Think That I Shall Never See a Tree March 25, 1970 Guest Star
Gunsmoke The Badge February 2, 1970 Guest Star
The Governor & J.J. Rhyme With Reason November 11, 1969 Guest Star
The Guns of Will Sonnett Chapter and Verse October 11, 1968 Guest Star
The Mod Squad My, What a Pretty Bus October 8, 1968 Guest Star
The Name of the Game Love-In At Ground Zero January 31, 1968 Guest Star
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea A Time to Die December 3, 1967 Guest Star
Daniel Boone The Spanish Horse November 23, 1967 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Stranger in Town November 20, 1967 Guest Star
That Girl Black, White and Read All Over September 21, 1967 Guest Star
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Cap and Gown Affair April 14, 1967 Guest Star
Bewitched The Leprechaun March 17, 1966 Guest Star
A Man Called Shenandoah Town on Fire November 8, 1965 Guest Star
Amos Burke: Secret Agent Peace, It's a Gasser November 3, 1965 Guest Star
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The World's Oldest Motive April 12, 1965 Guest Star
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Neptune Affair December 8, 1964 Guest Star
Kraft Suspense Theatre The Jack Is High November 19, 1964 Guest Star
Wagon Train The Terry Morrell Story April 25, 1962 Guest Star
Route 66 Two on the House April 20, 1962 Guest Star
Thriller 'Til Death Do Us Part March 12, 1962 Guest Star
Checkmate Juan Moreno's Body November 8, 1961 Guest Star
Thriller The Weird Tailor October 16, 1961 Guest Star
Checkmate The Cyanide Touch October 1, 1960 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone Mr. Bevis June 3, 1960 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Blessington Method November 15, 1959 Guest Star
Playhouse 90 The Mystery of Thirteen October 24, 1957 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The West Warlock Time Capsule May 26, 1957 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Nightmare in 4-D January 13, 1957 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents De Mortuis October 14, 1956 Guest Star
Suspense The Far-Off House December 4, 1951 Guest Star