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James Staley




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Picket Fences Dante's Inferno April 22, 1996 Guest Star
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Showdown October 29, 1993 Guest Star
Coach The Woodchuck, the Beaver and the Fox: A Menage a Trois February 11, 1992 Guest Star
Perfect Strangers Wild Turkey November 22, 1991 Guest Star
Coach Christmas Brains December 18, 1990 Guest Star
Coach The Rosebrocks of Wisconsin January 30, 1990 Guest Star
Coach If a Coach Falls in the Woods (2) December 12, 1989 Guest Star
The Golden Girls The Accurate Conception October 14, 1989 Guest Star
Murphy Brown The Morning Show May 22, 1989 Guest Star
Empty Nest The More Things Change February 25, 1989 Guest Star
Moonlighting Take My Wife, for Example February 7, 1989 Guest Star
The Facts of Life Peekskill Law January 23, 1988 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote Witness for the Defense October 4, 1987 Guest Star
The Popcorn Kid Career Day April 3, 1987 Guest Star
The Golden Girls Adult Education February 22, 1986 Guest Star
Remington Steele Premium Steele December 3, 1985 Guest Star
Punky Brewster Milk Does a Body Good December 1, 1985 Guest Star
Newhart The Way We Ought to Be October 7, 1985 Guest Star
Three's a Crowd Jack Gets Trashed April 2, 1985 Guest Star
Diff'rent Strokes Baseball Blues January 5, 1985 Guest Star
Mama's Family The Mama Who Came to Dinner December 22, 1983 Guest Star
Trapper John, M.D. Old Man Liver November 13, 1983 Guest Star
The Mississippi The Trial of Ben Walker October 11, 1983 Guest Star
Falcon Crest The Vigil December 3, 1982 Guest Star
Bret Maverick Faith, Hope and Clarity (2) April 20, 1982 Guest Star
Bret Maverick Faith, Hope and Clarity (1) April 13, 1982 Guest Star
Trapper John, M.D. Angel of Mercy January 17, 1982 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. The Golden Hour November 4, 1981 Guest Star
Trapper John, M.D. Quarantine March 23, 1980 Guest Star
Mork & Mindy Hold That Mork November 25, 1979 Guest Star
Three's Company Jack on the Lam September 11, 1979 Guest Star
Taxi Alex Tastes Death and Finds a Nice Restaurant March 6, 1979 Guest Star
Wonder Woman The Bermuda Triangle Crisis October 7, 1977 Guest Star
The Jeffersons The Grand Opening (1) September 24, 1977 Guest Star