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Dennis Howard



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Night Stalker Timeless March 10, 2006 Guest Star
The King of Queens Apartment Complex February 6, 2006 Guest Star
House DNR February 1, 2005 Guest Star
Star Trek: Enterprise Fallen Hero May 8, 2002 Guest Star
L.A. Heat Rap Sheet March 26, 1999 Guest Star
Team Knight Rider The A List October 20, 1997 Guest Star
The Burning Zone The Last Endless Summer February 11, 1997 Guest Star
Murder One Chapter Fourteen February 12, 1996 Guest Star
Hudson Street To Bob or Not to Bob February 3, 1996 Guest Star
Melrose Place Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest December 4, 1995 Guest Star
Hudson Street Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? November 7, 1995 Guest Star
Partners Why are the Blumenthals Living in My House? October 9, 1995 Guest Star
ER Long Day's Journey January 19, 1995 Guest Star
Melrose Place Otherwise Engaged March 2, 1994 Guest Star
Something Is Out There The Keeper July 4, 1989 Guest Star
Rags to Riches High Society March 15, 1987 Guest Star
Rags to Riches Pilot March 9, 1987 Guest Star
Our House (1986) Different Habits November 9, 1986 Guest Star
Fame New Faces October 20, 1986 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote Death Stalks the Big Top (2) October 5, 1986 Guest Star
Otherworld I am Woman, Hear Me Roar March 2, 1985 Guest Star
Lottery! Kansas City -- Protected Winner October 28, 1983 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Where There's a Will, There's a War February 22, 1982 Guest Star
Little House on the Prairie No Beast So Fierce January 4, 1982 Guest Star
Barney Miller Movie (1) January 22, 1981 Guest Star
House Calls Gays of Our Lives (aka The Gays of Our Lives) January 7, 1981 Guest Star
Stone Death Run March 10, 1980 Guest Star
The Jeffersons Louise's Setback January 13, 1980 Guest Star
Good Times I Had a Dream January 30, 1978 Guest Star