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Billy Jayne




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The Bernie Mac Show Eye of the Tiger November 30, 2003 Guest Star
Charmed The Wendigo February 3, 1999 Guest Star
Murder One Chapter Five October 19, 1995 Guest Star
The Young Riders Ten-Cent Hero November 2, 1989 Guest Star
The Bronx Zoo On the Land, on the Sea, and in the Halls June 22, 1988 Guest Star
The Charmings The Charmings Get Robbed January 7, 1988 Guest Star
Rags to Riches Bad Blood April 19, 1987 Guest Star
21 Jump Street America, What a Town April 19, 1987 Guest Star
The Wizard El Dorado September 9, 1986 Guest Star
The A-Team The Trouble with Harry March 25, 1986 Guest Star
The Golden Girls On Golden Girls October 26, 1985 Guest Star
Small Wonder The Bully October 26, 1985 Guest Star
Highway to Heaven Dust Child November 28, 1984 Guest Star
The A-Team The Out-of-Towners March 15, 1983 Guest Star
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Neighbors December 8, 1982 Guest Star
Alice Alice's Halloween Surprise October 25, 1981 Guest Star
Trapper John, M.D. Hot Line March 30, 1980 Guest Star
Galactica 1980 Galactica Discovers Earth (3) February 10, 1980 Guest Star