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J. Michael Flynn


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Ghost Whisperer Horror Show April 25, 2008 Guest Star
Desperate Housewives What Would We Do Without You? May 13, 2007 Guest Star
Star Trek: Enterprise The Aenar (3) February 11, 2005 Guest Star
Star Trek: Enterprise United (2) February 4, 2005 Guest Star
Star Trek: Enterprise Babel One (1) January 28, 2005 Guest Star
Charmed I Dream of Phoebe February 15, 2004 Guest Star
Charmed Love's a Witch October 19, 2003 Guest Star
Good Morning, Miami Three Weeks Notice March 27, 2003 Guest Star
Star Trek: Enterprise Fallen Hero May 8, 2002 Guest Star
The West Wing The War at Home February 14, 2001 Guest Star
Star Trek: The Next Generation The Hunted January 8, 1990 Guest Star
Designing Women Julia Gets Her Head Stuck in a Fence November 20, 1989 Guest Star
Falcon Crest Liars Anonymous December 9, 1988 Guest Star
L.A. Law Beauty and Obese February 11, 1988 Guest Star
Max Headroom War April 28, 1987 Guest Star
Scarecrow and Mrs. King Promises to Keep January 9, 1987 Guest Star
Misfits of Science Sonar...And Yet So Far November 15, 1985 Guest Star