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Jay Leggett




Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Without a Paddle 2004 Writer
Live Nude Girls 2014 Director
Employee of the Month 2004 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Adam DeVine's House Party Neighbor Party November 1, 2013 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Less is Morte April 16, 2002 Guest Star
Even Stevens Deep Chocolate November 3, 2000 Guest Star
The Drew Carey Show Beer Ball May 3, 2000 Guest Star
Family Law Love and Money May 1, 2000 Guest Star
Star Trek: Voyager Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy October 13, 1999 Guest Star
Ally The Promise October 5, 1999 Guest Star
Ally McBeal The Promise October 27, 1997 Guest Star
C-16: FBI Radio FBI October 11, 1997 Guest Star
Between Brothers The Big Three-Oh September 18, 1997 Guest Star
Between Brothers In Case of Emergency September 11, 1997 Guest Star
ER 24 Hours September 19, 1994 Guest Star