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Buck Young



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Dallas Daddy Dearest November 17, 1989 Guest Star
Dallas Terms of Estrangement April 12, 1985 Guest Star
Matt Houston Caged October 26, 1984 Guest Star
Gloria Gloria On The Couch January 9, 1983 Guest Star
T.J. Hooker The Streets March 20, 1982 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Smoke Screen January 27, 1982 Guest Star
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Testimony of a Traitor April 9, 1981 Guest Star
The Dukes of Hazzard Along Came a Duke February 13, 1981 Guest Star
Freebie and the Bean Tee-Off for Two January 17, 1981 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Last Rights September 16, 1980 Guest Star
The Incredible Hulk Jake November 2, 1979 Guest Star
Dallas Royal Marriage March 9, 1979 Guest Star
Dallas Call Girl February 23, 1979 Guest Star
Wonder Woman The Richest Man in the World February 19, 1979 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Memory of a Nightmare December 14, 1978 Guest Star
Dallas Election November 5, 1978 Guest Star
The Incredible Hulk The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas April 21, 1978 Guest Star
Wonder Woman The Girl from Ilandia April 7, 1978 Guest Star
The Rockford Files The Prisoner of Rosemont Hall February 17, 1978 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco No Minor Vices November 4, 1976 Guest Star
Cannon The Hero November 26, 1975 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco Merchants of Death November 20, 1975 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Dear Mildred October 24, 1975 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones The Last Contract December 31, 1974 Guest Star
Ironside Cross Doublecross October 10, 1974 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde October 13, 1973 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Dear Dad December 17, 1972 Guest Star
Ironside Joss Sticks and Wedding Bells October 26, 1971 Guest Star
The F.B.I. Dynasty of Hate October 10, 1971 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes The Big Broadcast December 6, 1970 Guest Star
My Three Sons A Ring for Barbara October 25, 1969 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes Watch the Trains Go By February 1, 1969 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes Man in a Box December 28, 1968 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes Axis Annie February 10, 1968 Guest Star
My Three Sons The Computer Picnic November 25, 1967 Guest Star
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. To Watch a Thief November 17, 1967 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes The Swing Shift February 3, 1967 Guest Star
The Fugitive The Other Side of the Coin January 10, 1967 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes Hogan Gives a Birthday Party September 16, 1966 Guest Star
Hogan's Heroes The Scientist December 3, 1965 Guest Star
The Andy Griffith Show Goober Takes a Car Apart January 11, 1965 Guest Star
The Fugitive Brass Ring January 5, 1965 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Doctor's Wife October 24, 1964 Guest Star
The Fugitive Never Stop Running March 31, 1964 Guest Star
The Fugitive Smoke Screen October 29, 1963 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Jeb May 25, 1963 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Call Me Dodie September 22, 1962 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Coventry March 17, 1962 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Stolen Horses April 8, 1961 Guest Star
Gunsmoke The Bobsy Twins May 21, 1960 Guest Star
The Rebel The Unwanted January 31, 1960 Guest Star
Bat Masterson Dead Men Don't Pay Debts November 19, 1959 Guest Star
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Judas Goat March 31, 1959 Guest Star
Steve Canyon Operation Survival October 25, 1958 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel The Hanging Cross December 21, 1957 Guest Star
Highway Patrol (1955) Resort January 2, 1956 Guest Star