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Patrick O'Connell



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Numb3rs Toxin November 25, 2005 Guest Star
The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. Little Girl Lost October 22, 2003 Guest Star
Without a Trace Revelations October 2, 2003 Guest Star
The West Wing The Indians in the Lobby November 21, 2001 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Thumb Enchanted Evening March 27, 2001 Guest Star
As Time Goes By Showered with Gifts February 25, 1996 Guest Star
The Larry Sanders Show Broadcast Nudes August 4, 1993 Guest Star
She Wolf of London Little Bookshop of Horrors November 13, 1990 Guest Star
Hunter Murder He Wrote April 30, 1988 Guest Star
The Professionals Need To Know October 5, 1980 Guest Star
The Persuaders! The Time and the Place October 22, 1971 Guest Star
Callan The Same Trick Twice April 22, 1970 Guest Star
Doctor Who The End of Tomorrow (4) December 12, 1964 Guest Star