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Michael Saltzman


Other Movies

Movie Year Type
The Pink Panther 2006 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The Boys Nothing Like It in the World September 11, 2020 Writer
Sneaky Pete The Vermont Victim & The Bakersfield Hustle May 10, 2019 Writer
Halt and Catch Fire The Threshold September 27, 2016 Writer
Halt and Catch Fire One Way or Another August 23, 2016 Writer
Hell on Wheels Elixir of Life August 15, 2015 Writer
The Middle Wheel of Pain February 27, 2013 Writer
The Middle The Prom May 11, 2011 Writer
Baby Bob Don't Pass Me By June 13, 2003 Writer
Baby Bob The Other Side April 8, 2002 Writer
Baby Bob First Words March 18, 2002 Writer
DAG Off the Record (a.k.a. The Not-So-Secret Service) January 30, 2001 Writer
The Naked Truth Things Change September 22, 1997 Writer
Murphy Brown Miles Away (2) May 20, 1996 Writer
Murphy Brown Up in Smoke February 12, 1996 Writer
Murphy Brown The Feminine Critique October 30, 1995 Writer
Murphy Brown The Awful Truth September 25, 1995 Writer
Murphy Brown Model Relationships May 8, 1995 Writer
Murphy Brown It's Miller Time February 20, 1995 Writer
Murphy Brown The Best and Not-So-Brightest January 2, 1995 Writer
Murphy Brown Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? September 26, 1994 Writer
Murphy Brown My Movie With Louis May 9, 1994 Writer
Murphy Brown The Anchorman January 24, 1994 Writer
Murphy Brown Sox and the Single Woman December 13, 1993 Writer
Murphy Brown All the Life That's Fit to Print November 8, 1993 Writer
Murphy Brown Ship of Phil's May 10, 1993 Writer
Wings The Houseguest April 8, 1993 Writer
Wings Das Plane February 20, 1992 Writer
Wings Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered December 5, 1991 Writer
Wings Is That a Subpoena in Your Pocket...? September 26, 1991 Writer
Wings Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places February 14, 1991 Writer
Wings My Brother's Back and There's Gonna Be Trouble January 31, 1991 Writer
Wings A Terminal Christmas December 21, 1990 Writer
Wings Hell Hath No Fury Like a Policewoman Scorned November 16, 1990 Writer
Anything but Love Robin Q. Public March 14, 1990 Writer
Anything but Love All About Allison January 17, 1990 Writer
Doctor Doctor Torch Song Cardiology December 18, 1989 Writer
Anything but Love Just the Facts, Ma'am November 1, 1989 Writer
Anything but Love Scared Straight October 18, 1989 Writer
The Naked Truth Up, Up, and Away January 1, 1970 Writer