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Burton Gilliam




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Sliders Way Out West March 26, 1999 Guest Star
Weird Science The Legend of Red Brick Wallace August 12, 1995 Guest Star
The A-Team A Nice Place to Visit May 10, 1983 Guest Star
Knight Rider Knight Moves March 11, 1983 Guest Star
The Dukes of Hazzard The Sound of Music - Hazzard Style January 8, 1982 Guest Star
B.J. and the Bear Fly a Wild Horse December 8, 1979 Guest Star
The Dukes of Hazzard Double Sting May 11, 1979 Guest Star
Alice Love Me, Love My Horse February 5, 1978 Guest Star
Charlie's Angels Pretty Angels All in a Row September 28, 1977 Guest Star
Alice Mel's Happy Burger March 26, 1977 Guest Star
Alice Vera's Mortician December 25, 1976 Guest Star
Cannon Perfect Alibi October 31, 1973 Guest Star