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Fred Sadoff1


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Empty Nest Harry's Excellent Adventure September 29, 1990 Guest Star
Mr. Belvedere Pills December 12, 1986 Guest Star
Barney Miller Chinatown (1) February 4, 1982 Guest Star
Barney Miller The Psychic February 5, 1981 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Murder in the Key of C February 7, 1980 Guest Star
Barney Miller The Desk November 22, 1979 Guest Star
Lou Grant Physical March 20, 1978 Guest Star
Black Sheep Squadron The Last Mission Over Sengai February 8, 1977 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Sister of Death January 6, 1977 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Who's Who in Neverland October 10, 1976 Guest Star
Jigsaw John Sand Trap February 9, 1976 Guest Star
The Rockford Files Just by Accident February 28, 1975 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Friends 'till Death February 17, 1974 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco For the Love of God September 27, 1973 Guest Star
Kung Fu Superstition April 5, 1973 Guest Star
Mannix The Faces of Murder February 4, 1973 Guest Star
Mayberry R.F.D. Sensitivity Training September 21, 1970 Guest Star
Marcus Welby, M.D. Silken Threads and Silver Hooks October 14, 1969 Guest Star