Beast Wars Neo: Super Lifeform Transformers

Henshin Transfans! Transformers: Beast Wars: Neo was a Japanese only cel-animated series of the classic Transformers: Beast Wars series. It stars a news set of Maximals and Predacons led by Optimus Prime and Magmatron.

  • Beast Wars Neo
English 日本語 русский язык
  • Series ID 73925
  • Status Ended
  • Networks TV Tokyo
  • Runtimes 30 minutes (36 episodes)
  • Genres Animation
  • On Other Sites IMDB
  • Episode Screenshot Format 4:3 Screencap
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  • Created February 4, 2008 by Administrator
  • Modified February 9, 2021 by Administrator





Transformers: Beast Wars Franchise

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Set in the future after the events of the original The Transformers and the movie. Beast Wars introduces new classes of Transformers known as the Maximals led by Optimus Primal. And the Predacons led by Megatron. They are descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons. After crashing on a new planet they are forced to take animal form as the planet is largely poisonous to their robot form.

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