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Season 1

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Pilot

    • March 26, 1971
    • CBS

    When an old friend is accused of murdering her husband, Cannon attempts to uncover the true killer's identity.

  • S01E01 The Salinas Jackpot

    • September 14, 1971
    • CBS

    Tom Skerritt plays Dude Donaldson: dressed as rodeo clowns, he and an accomplice rob a rodeo (rather brutally, killing half-a-dozen people). Cannon is summoned to figure out what's going on, after authorites spend 6 weeks and come up with nothing. There's a home movie taken at the time of the robbery, in the vicinity of the buliding... Cannon and the others watch this film over and over, like the Zapruder film, and eventually it dawns on Cannon that the clowns may be involved. He tracks a clown suit to a Texan who died in Vietnam the previous winter... the man's widow (Sharon Acker) is less than forthcoming... though her young son (Vincent Van Patten) gives Cannon some leads... Skerritt took the suit from the widow's barn and used it in the robbery. Skerritt goes to Acker's house and threatens her and her son against saying anything to Cannon...Cannon senses what's going on, and after almost being snipered by Skerritt...finally subdues him with a bear hug.

  • S01E02 Death Chain

    • September 21, 1971
    • CBS

    If it isn't one thing, it's another: a bank manager's mistress is killed, and Cannon finds that's not the end of it.

  • S01E03 Call Unicorn

    • September 28, 1971
    • CBS

    Unexpected overhead in the trucking business as costly loads are hijacked, and private detectives murdered.

  • S01E04 Country Blues

    • October 5, 1971
    • CBS

    A wry tale with a twang and a twist: was the country singer's plane crash accidental or not?

  • S01E05 Scream of Silence

    • October 12, 1971
    • CBS

    The son of a gubernatorial candidate is kidnapped.

  • S01E06 Fool's Gold

    • October 19, 1971
    • CBS

    A deceptive premise: small town citizens harbor a thief on the promise of a cut.

  • S01E07 Girl in the Electric Coffin

    • October 26, 1971
    • CBS

    The latest thing is a runaway on the lam.

  • S01E08 Dead Pigeon

    • November 9, 1971
    • CBS

    A perfect frame for a cop.

  • S01E09 A Lonely Place to Die

    • November 16, 1971
    • CBS

    A murder is witnessed, but the body disappears.

  • S01E10 No Pockets in a Shroud

    • November 23, 1971
    • CBS

    A newly-discovered heir comes home, and finds you can't get blood from a stone, and you can't take it with you.

  • S01E11 Stone Cold Dead

    • November 30, 1971
    • CBS

    A closed case gets reopened and leads to further consequences.

  • S01E12 Death is a Double-Cross

    • December 7, 1971
    • CBS

    A bridegroom's father-in-law suspects him.

  • S01E13 The Nowhere Man

    • December 14, 1971
    • CBS

    Should the weapons manufacturer be judged by its bookeeper?

  • S01E14 Flight Plan

    • December 28, 1971
    • CBS

    Cannon helps a supposed political refugee.

  • S01E15 Devil's Playground

    • January 4, 1972
    • CBS

    A policeman injured in a payroll robbery asks Cannon for help.

  • S01E16 Treasure of San Ignacio

    • January 11, 1972
    • CBS

    A bad day at the track leaves a race car driver with a taste for vengeance.

  • S01E17 Blood on the Vine

    • January 18, 1972
    • CBS

    Mike Tampa owns a vineyard in northern California... his land alone is worth $2 million, but he loves wine-making and is not considering selling. His father started the vineyards, handed them down to him, and he hopes that his son Johnny Tampa will be the third generation. Mike Tampa, however, has been the victim of three murder attempts—in the last one, his brakes were tampered with, and he barely survived when he took his car down a mountain road. At this point, his secretary calls on Cannon—secretly, because the stubborn Mike has refused to do anything. Cannon is brought in to investigate. We learn that Johnny Tampa had only been re-united with Mike two years ago... after not having seen him for 20 years (Mike and his wife went through a bitter divorce 22 years prior and she took their son down to San Francisco). Cannon suspects that Johnny may be pulling a con and that he is not really Mike's son. The winery accountant says that they had Johnny checked out by a PI down in SF n

  • S01E18 To Kill a Guinea Pig

    • February 1, 1972
    • CBS

    Prison doctor and experimental pressures.

  • S01E19 The Island Caper

    • February 8, 1972
    • CBS

    An ex-con is blackmailed into crime.

  • S01E20 A Deadly Quiet Town

    • February 15, 1972
    • CBS

    Larry Bolinger, a charismatic young man, cons the youth of a quiet town into his cult.

  • S01E21 A Flight of Hawks

    • February 22, 1972
    • CBS

    A pilot's apparent suicide leads to plans for a military putsch by a predatory flock.

  • S01E22 The Torch

    • February 29, 1972
    • CBS

    Heat and light: a textile manufacturer is suspected of arson and murder in the death of his wife and the destruction of his factory.

  • S01E23 Cain's Mark

    • March 7, 1972
    • CBS

    Murder will out; an under-the-counter arms merchant is unmasked.

  • S01E24 Murder by Moonlight

    • March 14, 1972
    • CBS

    A young prisoner is forced to do the bidding of a gang boss.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Bad Cats and Sudden Death

    • September 13, 1972
    • CBS

    That's about as unlucky as you can get. An assistant DA investigating a car theft ring is framed for his wife's murder.

  • S02E02 Sky Above, Death Below

    • September 20, 1972
    • CBS

    Cannon seeks the only witness to the murder of a trade union boss: a draft dodger on his way to the Yukon.

  • S02E03 Bitter Legion

    • September 27, 1972
    • CBS

    Hired to find a missing husband, Cannon infiltrates a paramilitary gang that's planning a major heist.

  • S02E04 That Was No Lady

    • October 4, 1972
    • CBS

    Cannon is hired to protect a lawyer who has received death threats after defending her clients, two small-time crooks, suspected of a safe-cracking at a charitable foundation.

  • S02E05 Stakeout

    • October 11, 1972
    • CBS

    A girl wounded during a bar robbery denies knowing the shooter even though she was his date.

  • S02E06 The Predators

    • October 18, 1972
    • CBS

    The death of an undocumented immigrant puts Cannon on the trail of a human trafficking ring.

  • S02E07 A Long Way Down

    • October 25, 1972
    • CBS

    When a hospital orderly accuses a doctor of stealing drugs, Cannon is brought in to investigate.

  • S02E08 The Rip-Off

    • November 1, 1972
    • CBS

    The burglary of his apartment leads Cannon to a computer-controlled freight train robbery.

  • S02E09 Child of Fear

    • November 15, 1972
    • CBS

    Called in to find a missing rancher, Cannon attempts to discover why the farm hands have been replaced with security guards.

  • S02E10 The Shadow Man

    • November 22, 1972
    • CBS

    When a real estate tycoon disappears with a fortune in bonds, Cannon is hired to investigate.

  • S02E11 Hear No Evil

    • November 29, 1972
    • CBS

    Dale and Laura Corey are a happily married couple who own an electronics store; he does a lot of electronic eavesdropping for clients, she was a cop on the force with Cannon a few years back, and hires him because Dale is being threatened after bugging some hotel rooms for the owner and catching three guests in compromising positions. The three are being blackmailed, and think Dale is behind it. Cannon interviews them and determines that one of the three is blackmailing the other two.

  • S02E12 The Endangered Species

    • December 13, 1972
    • CBS

    When a hunting accident turns out to be murder, Cannon steps in to clear his friend.

  • S02E13 Nobody Beats the House

    • December 20, 1972
    • CBS

    Toby Hauser is a compulsive gambler who is $200,000 in debt to Ben Logan (who runs local illegal gaming operations). The bill is due and Hauser has about $5000; they threaten to come after Hauser's wife Cathy if payment isn't made. Toby will turn himself over to Logan rather than have anything happen to Cathy, who, sensing one of them will be hurt, calls in Cannon to help. Cannon tries to broker a deal with Logan. Cannon can get $25,000 paid up front and the rest on installment. Logan rejects this deal, because it would ruin his reputation if anybody got a break like that. Jason Logan (Ben's son) runs a gambling operation on his own—competing against his father in a juvenile attempt to come out from his father's shadow. Toby takes one last shot to get the $200,000. He shows up at Jason's house to get in a poker game. Jason has a couple of card-marking plants at Toby's table, but Toby gets $35,000 ahead. Then Cannon shows up undercover as Billy Thompson (owner of Thompson Tool),

  • S02E14 Hard Rock Roller Coaster

    • January 3, 1973
    • CBS

    A diamond smuggler is drugged to reveal his contraband.

  • S02E15 The Dead Samaritan

    • January 10, 1973
    • CBS

    Hired to clear a man falsely accused of murder, Cannon uncovers a trail leading to the victim's business partner.

  • S02E16 Death of a Stone Seahorse

    • January 17, 1973
    • CBS

    A drug smuggler's mentally ill sister takes the rap for a murder, and it's up to Cannon to prove her innocence.

  • S02E17 Moving Target

    • January 31, 1973
    • CBS

    The co-author of an industrialist's unauthorized biography is murdered.

  • S02E18 Murder for Murder

    • February 7, 1973
    • CBS

    Cannon is hired to prevent a vengeful teacher from killing the two men he blames for his daughter's death.

  • S02E19 To Ride a Tiger

    • February 14, 1973
    • CBS

    When the lawyer for a halfway house vanishes along with his funds, Cannon is hired to find him.

  • S02E20 Prisoners

    • February 21, 1973
    • CBS

    A young man is persuaded to extort $50,000 from his father, who turns out to be bankrupt.

  • S02E21 The Seventh Grave

    • February 28, 1973
    • CBS

    One step forward, two steps back as Cannon hunts a mass murderer. Helping to cloud the facts: a police lab technician who's altering the evidence as quickly as it is found.

  • S02E22 Catch Me if You Can

    • March 7, 1973
    • CBS

    A serial killer begs Cannon to catch him before he kills again.

  • S02E23 Press Pass to the Slammer

    • March 14, 1973
    • CBS

    A columnist faces contempt charges; Cannon takes the case.

  • S02E24 Deadly Heritage

    • March 21, 1973
    • CBS

    A terrorized woman asks Cannon to find her husband's illegitimate son.

Season 3

  • S03E01 He Who Digs a Grave (1)

    • September 12, 1973
    • CBS

    A writer is down for the murder of his wife and her lover, but she's left a contradictory note. ""Who builds stronger than a mason, a shipwright, or a carpenter?""

  • S03E02 He Who Digs a Grave (2)

    • September 12, 1973
    • CBS

    Cannon begins to see a doubtful situation. ""The houses he makes last till doomsday.""

  • S03E03 Memo from a Dead Man

    • September 19, 1973
    • CBS

    Cannon's latest client is a dead man via a will.

  • S03E04 Hounds of Hell

    • September 26, 1973
    • CBS

    Former soliders in Vietnam come fearfully to Cannon.

  • S03E05 Target in the Mirror

    • October 3, 1973
    • CBS

    A former syndicate henchman has information wanted by the police and the underworld.

  • S03E06 Murder by Proxy

    • October 10, 1973
    • CBS

    A prima facie murder case involving a lady journalist.

  • S03E07 Night Flight to Murder

    • October 17, 1973
    • CBS

    On behalf of an insurance company, Cannon investigates an airplane full of securities.

  • S03E08 Come Watch Me Die

    • October 24, 1973
    • CBS

    Cannon's engaged to protect a gang boss from the innocent man he sent up the river.

  • S03E09 Perfect Alibi

    • October 31, 1973
    • CBS

    A payroll robbery has one main suspect who happens to be in prison.

  • S03E10 Dead Lady's Tears

    • November 7, 1973
    • CBS

    A young model's death leads to many suspects.

  • S03E11 The Limping Man

    • November 14, 1973
    • CBS

    A cop feels guilty over a man he injured.

  • S03E12 Trial by Terror

    • November 21, 1973
    • CBS

    A mob boss on trial has the judge's daughter kidnapped.

  • S03E13 Murder by the Numbers

    • November 28, 1973
    • CBS

    A blackmailer's murder brings his Swiss wife to America, and Cannon discovers still more dealings.

  • S03E14 Valley of the Damned

    • December 5, 1973
    • CBS

    Airport drug smugglers frame a worker for murder.

  • S03E15 A Well Remembered Terror

    • December 12, 1973
    • CBS

    An ex-stewardess is haunted by a hijacking.

  • S03E16 Arena of Fear

    • December 19, 1973
    • CBS

    A boxer is blackmailed into throwing a fight.

  • S03E17 Photo Finish

    • January 2, 1974
    • CBS

    A former general hires former policeman Cannon to investigate his brother's murder.

  • S03E18 Duel in the Desert

    • January 16, 1974
    • CBS

    Cannon suffers amnesia after a ransom drop goes afoul.

  • S03E19 Where's Jennifer?

    • January 23, 1974
    • CBS

    A recluse asks Cannon to clear up the presumed death of her sister in a boating accident five years before.

  • S03E20 Blood Money

    • February 6, 1974
    • CBS

    A doctor is accused of helping a prisoner escape.

  • S03E21 Death of a Hunter

    • February 13, 1974
    • CBS

    A big game hunter is killed by a lion supposedly tranquilized.

  • S03E22 The Cure That Kills

    • February 20, 1974
    • CBS

    Cannon investigates the death of two women who were connected to a faith healer who preaches to his flock that modern medicine is the work of Satan. A young man with a brain tumor may be the next victim.

  • S03E23 Bobby Loved Me

    • February 27, 1974
    • CBS

    A small-time con man is murdered, and his girlfriend hires Cannon to find the killer.

  • S03E24 Triangle of Terror

    • March 13, 1974
    • CBS

    Cannon is called to the West Indies by Jackie Akers to investigate the death of her father, Sir Arnold Masters.

  • S03E25 The Stalker

    • March 20, 1974
    • CBS

    One of Cannon's old busts is a mass murderer, who comes after him on a fishing trip.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Kelly's Song

    • September 11, 1974
    • CBS

    ""Anybody Ask About Me?"" A former hooker goes back on the hoof to catch a big wheel.

  • S04E02 The Hit Man

    • September 18, 1974
    • CBS

    Not a vocation, more like a calling. Cannon is mistaken for a bishop's assassin.

  • S04E03 Voice from the Grave

    • September 25, 1974
    • CBS

    Cannon reopens the case of an old shooting.

  • S04E04 Lady in Red

    • October 2, 1974
    • CBS

    Cannon bodyguards a securities courier.

  • S04E05 The Deadly Trail

    • October 16, 1974
    • CBS

    A general wants Cannon to find the daughter he put up for adoption years before, but there is opposition to the search.

  • S04E06 The Exchange

    • October 23, 1974
    • CBS

    A Cuban exile wants revenge for his brother's death at the hands of police.

  • S04E07 The Avenger

    • October 30, 1974
    • CBS

    A missing person case leads to a cop's death and the pursuit of vengeance.

  • S04E08 A Killing in the Family

    • November 6, 1974
    • CBS

    Cannon deals with an insurance company in a suspicious auto accident.

  • S04E09 Flashpoint

    • November 13, 1974
    • CBS

    A psychiatric patient falls in with bad company and is accused of rape and murder.

  • S04E10 The Man Who Couldn't Forget

    • November 20, 1974
    • CBS

    A Dutch Nazi-hunter is on the trail of an SS man.

  • S04E11 The Sounds of Silence

    • December 4, 1974
    • CBS

    Cannon reluctantly takes the case of a disappearing bridegroom, but it's more than it appears.

  • S04E12 The Prisoner

    • December 11, 1974
    • CBS

    An ex-POW is in danger from a cowardly officer.

  • S04E13 Daddy's Little Girl

    • December 18, 1974
    • CBS

    A torpedo plays dead to testify, but the mob sniffs him out.

  • S04E14 The Conspirators

    • January 1, 1975
    • CBS

    A girl's suspicious death brings Cannon to Texas.

  • S04E15 Coffin Corner

    • January 15, 1975
    • CBS

    A football player doesn't know his father-in-law is a mob boss.

  • S04E16 Perfect Fit for a Frame

    • January 22, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon gets set up for a murder charge.

  • S04E17 Killer on the Hill

    • January 29, 1975
    • CBS

    A contractor refuses to pay bribes, and is accused of plotting a political asassination.

  • S04E18 Missing at FL307

    • February 5, 1975
    • CBS

    A released prisoner disappears en route.

  • S04E19 The Set Up

    • February 12, 1975
    • CBS

    A case of mistaken identity: Cannon is greeted by a stranger, and later almost killed.

  • S04E20 The Investigator

    • February 26, 1975
    • CBS

    A case of police corruption and the death of a reporter.

  • S04E21 Lady on the Run

    • March 5, 1975
    • CBS

    The wife of an industrialist is missing, and the search is a difficult one.

  • S04E22 Vengeance

    • March 12, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon's help is sought by a man who went to jail without reason.

  • S04E23 Tomorrow Ends at Noon

    • March 19, 1975
    • CBS

    Palestinian terroists kidnap an Italian industrialist's daughter to free a jailed comrade.

  • S04E24 Search and Destroy

    • April 2, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon searches for a missing girl who's on the lam after witnessing a murder.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Nightmare

    • September 10, 1975
    • CBS

    A dying prisoner, a former hit man confesses to Cannon that he killed his wife and child 14 years ago when Cannon was a cop. Cannon investigates.

  • S05E02 The Deadly Conspiracy (1)

    • September 17, 1975
    • CBS

    Frank Cannon and Barnaby Jones investigate the rape and murder of a young woman who was about to blow the whistle on the company she was involved. But they are investigating for different clients and from totally different angles. [NOTE: Part two of this story continues on the TV series "Barnaby Jones.]

  • S05E03 The Wrong Medicine

    • September 24, 1975
    • CBS

    A doctor treats a diabetic in the emergency room and she then dies. He claims that the patient was wearing an indicator bracelet that has seemed to have vanished. Cannon is hired to investigate.

  • S05E04 The Iceman

    • October 1, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon reinvestigates a 10 year old murder from when he was on the police force and begins to question if the man in prison is really innocent.

  • S05E05 The Victim

    • October 8, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon is hired to find a popular recording artist who he believes is being held against her will. But when he finally finds her he begins to understand that there is a much more sinister reason for her being kept from the outside world.

  • S05E06 The Man Who Died Twice

    • October 15, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon teams up with former officers who were on the force the same time he was. Their task is to find another colleague who they believed was dead for the past eight years, but now suspected of killing those he was involved with in crime.

  • S05E07 A Touch of Venom

    • October 22, 1975
    • CBS

    A group of terrorists have drugged Cannon with a poison, giving him 72 hours to give them a defector and receive the antidote or die.

  • S05E08 Man in the Middle

    • October 29, 1975
    • CBS

    An old friend hires Cannon to bring back the body of his dead son from Mexico and to find his killer. Cannon agrees, but he uncovers a few surprises in the process.

  • S05E09 Fall Guy

    • November 5, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon investigates on the behalf of a oil executive who claims he is being framed for fraud and embezzlement. But he runs into heavy resistance in his investigation from the corporations domineering female president.

  • S05E10 The Melted Man

    • November 12, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon unravels a murder plot that was made to look like it involved the Chinese Tongs gang. But the intended victim turns the tables on the real man behind the plot and try's eliminate Cannon in the process.

  • S05E11 The Wedding March

    • November 19, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon and a female vice squad officer who's on leave after being viciously beaten while undercover posing as a prostitute go after this same man who has previously beaten prostitutes to death while playing the music "The Wedding March".

  • S05E12 The Hero

    • November 26, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon protects a man and his wife from the members of a small motorcycle riding cult that are bent on avenging the death of one of their own.

  • S05E13 To Still the Voice

    • December 3, 1975
    • CBS

    Cannon investigates the possibility that there is a conspiracy behind the assassination of a black female politician.

  • S05E14 The Star (1)

    • December 10, 1975
    • CBS

    When the son of a famous actress disappears the police think its another instance of his recurring drug problem. Cannon is hired to find him, but no one is telling him the whole truth.

  • S05E15 The Star (2)

    • December 10, 1975
    • CBS

    Snapshots reveal a dubious link between policy and high crime.

  • S05E16 The Games Children Play

    • December 17, 1975
    • CBS

    The mastermind behind the kidnapping of an infirm prince is also the man helping Cannon with his investigation.

  • S05E17 The Reformer

    • January 7, 1976
    • CBS

    Frank Cannon takes up the case when it appears that the head of a newspaper is being framed for the murder of a prostitute.

  • S05E18 The House of Cards

    • January 14, 1976
    • CBS

    A small town newspaperman takes on a duel identity and fakes his own murder. Cannon is hired by his wife to investigate.

  • S05E19 Revenge

    • January 21, 1976
    • CBS

    Cannon becomes a hunted man when a young South Korean man comes after him seeking revenge for his late father who was a tortured prisoner of war during the Korean War-and he believes Cannon is solely responsible for it.

  • S05E20 Cry Wolf

    • January 28, 1976
    • CBS

    Cannon investigates when the grandson of the billionaire fakes his own kidnapping to get his trust fund money, but get gets involved with the wrong type of people.

  • S05E21 The Quasar Kill

    • February 4, 1976
    • CBS

    Cannon investigates the death of a scientist who designed a computer that searches for extra terrestrial signals. But was he murdered by an entity from outer space or by a fellow scientist with something to hide?

  • S05E22 Snapshot

    • February 11, 1976
    • CBS

    A mobster hires Cannon to find out who tried to kill his ex-wife in a failed hit attempt. But Cannon suspects the mobster himself may be the actual target after another attempt is made on him and not his ex-wife.

  • S05E23 Point After Death

    • February 18, 1976
    • CBS

    A case of vengeance. The girlfriend of a pro ballplayer is murdered.

  • S05E24 Bloodlines

    • February 25, 1976
    • CBS

    A well-to-do young man's death in Acapulco is ruled an accident, but his family hires Cannon to investigate.

  • S05E25 Madman

    • March 3, 1976
    • CBS

    An Army researcher goes berserk; his wife pleads with Cannon to intervene.

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x2 The Return of Frank Cannon

    • November 1, 1980
    • CBS

    Private detective Frank Cannon comes out of retirement to investigate the murder of an ex-girlfriend's husband.

  • SPECIAL 0x3 Cannon Commercial

    • CBS

  • SPECIAL 0x4 Image Gallery

    • September 14, 1971
    • CBS

    These are the images for the entire show from September 14, 1971 to March 3, 1976.