Sun is being put to bed and it's time for Little Star to twinkle. The Cloudbabies have done their chores and go to bed. Little Star hears a rumbly noise in the sky and is spooked by it. He comes to the Cloudy House and taps on the window to wake the Cloudbabies. They allow him to get into bed with them, but his points are too pointy and he has to move from bed to bed until he finally settles with Baba Green. Suddenly they are all woken by the rumbly noise in the sky. They resolve to find out what it is and venture out with nets and a torch. They find it coming from a cloud - it's Sun and he's snoring because he is sleeping on his back. They all move him on his side, the mystery of the rumbling noise is solved and Little Star can twinkle in the night sky again.

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  • Episode Number 7
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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, May 6, 2015
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