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Season 1

  • S01E01 Christopher Williams

    • January 23, 1998
    • CTV

    Christopher Gerald Williams was ten when he was taken from the bedroom he shared with his seven-year-old brother Joey in 1977. Twenty years later when another body is found, Tony realises that David Sawyer was killed in a way very similar to young Christopher, and Ali joins forces with Iredell to uncover the killer. After doing DNA tests, the squad realises that the same man killed both boys, and they begin investigating Victor de Jarre and Jacob Knewling, who were suspects in the first investigation. Ali tries to get what she can out of Christopher's now-grown brother Joey, who has become an alcoholic.

  • S01E02 Janine Elston

    • January 30, 1998
    • CTV

    Twelve years ago, a teenaged girl named Janine Elston was shot while she slept in her bed. Her father, a former cop, goes to Cold Squad to ask for help when Wayne Corby, the man who was believed to have killed her, is about to be released from jail. Since Corby was never charged with Janine's death, he could still be held responsible.

  • S01E03 Tess

    • February 6, 1998
    • CTV

    A skull and a computer-generated image lead the squad to the parents of a 14-year-old rape victim.

  • S01E04 Jane Klosky

    • February 13, 1998
    • CTV

    The Cold Squad uncovers a link between the gruesome murder and decapitation of two nurses committed more than 20 years ago. (source: http://www.coldsquad.com)

  • S01E05 Taggert Family

    • February 20, 1998
    • CTV

    In 1995, Barbara Taggert was found burned to death in her home, and her six-year-old daughter Lisa was missing. Her husband Spencer was their prime suspect, but his business partner had given him an airtight alibi. When Bill Harris rescinds his alibi to try and get off on fraud charges, the squad re-opens the investigation into Barbara's death.

  • S01E06 Salty Cheever

    • February 27, 1998
    • CTV

    Tony and Ali investigate Theresa Sandiman, a prostitute Tony has long thought responsible for a murder.

  • S01E07 Rita Brice

    • March 6, 1998
    • CTV

    After Sandy Kilkenny is arrested for tossing a pool cue at her husband's head, the squad brings her in hoping that they can finally put to rest the murder of Rita Brice eight years ago. Unfortunately, even though Ali goes undercover in a cell with Sandy, she refuses to implicate her husband, even though everyone tries to tell her that Neil Brice is no good.

  • S01E08 Bob and May Lee

    • March 13, 1998
    • CTV

    The Cold Squad begins an investigation after a homicide victim's gun is traced to a 15-year-old unsolved double murder in Chinatown. (source: http://www.coldsquad.com)

  • S01E09 Michelle Dorn

    • March 20, 1998
    • CTV

    Four years earlier, Rikki Stanfield lied to Ali about what she remembered the night that she and her best friend, Michelle Dorn, were attacked to get Ali to leave her alone. When Rikki starts to remember what really happened she begs Ali to re-open the case, and despite Logozzo's feeling that Rikki is a few bricks short of a load, Ali takes on the case.

  • S01E10 Stephanie Jordan

    • March 27, 1998
    • CTV

    Ali and Logozzo investigate the case of Stephanie Jordan, a debutante who disappeared four years earlier and was presumed, but never proven, to be dead. Her husband, reporter Turner Jordan, is their prime suspect, and he puts a serious crick in the investigation by making a televised plea for anyone with information to phone the police. Logozzo is frustrated because his daughter from his first marriage is not only getting married outdoors, she has invited his third ex-wife Vivian, with whom Logozzo does not get along.

  • S01E11 Amanda Millerd

    • April 3, 1998
    • CTV

    During a routine traffic stop, an officer arrests a shop-lifting suspect named Amanda Millerd. After she is taken to the station and booked, Ali and Jill realise that her fingerprints match those of Holly Tarrow, a prostitute believed to have burned to death on September 6, 1982. Although initially Holly maintains her identity as Amanda and claims she's in the city with her husband Grant and son Ethan, she soon admits that she is Holly, and that while at a party with her then-boyfriend Wesley Belmont, Amanda was accidentally killed by the owner of the house.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Jane Doe (1)

    • September 25, 1998
    • CTV

    A 12 year old case where a murdered woman's death matched the M.O. of a now-convicted killer seems to be yet another victim. Until investigation shows the killer couldn't have done it. He was already in prison. McCormick and Logozzo try to find who was the original killer and who was the copycat. This two-part episode introduces Inspector Simon Ross.

  • S02E02 Jane Doe (2)

    • October 2, 1998
    • CTV

    As an investigation into a 20-year-old killing spree continues, the Cold Squad is rocked by murder and internal strife.

  • S02E03 Stanley Caron

    • October 9, 1998
    • CTV

    While enjoying a day off, Ali receives a tip from a lawyer friend about Randy Benjamin, a young man who had assisted Simon Willard in the rape and murder of three young men years earlier. Attorney-client privilege prevents him from saying much, but he points Ali towards the murder of Stanley Caron in 1993. After getting some information from Schneider, who is now in private security, Logozzo investigates the hotel where Caron died, and Ali, based on tips from a street hustler and the carefully veiled comments of her friend, picks up on the trail of a young punk named Jack Rodgers, which leads right back to Randy.

  • S02E04 Merv Doucette

    • October 16, 1998
    • CTV

    While Ali and Logozzo investigate the murder of retired teacher Merv Doucette, they are surprised to learn that, after a stroke, Doucette's behavior had changed drastically, and he'd gone from being a mild-mannered school teacher to a sex fiend who went to swinger parties. His wife, also a former teacher, just happened to teach at Radford, where Jackie had gone to school. While Eddie tries to figure out how much money Jackie's family must have had to send her to Radford, which Logozzo estimates costs in the neighborhood of $30,000 a year, Jackie helps Ali question the widow after they realise that the prime suspect, Donnie Coombs, works for her, and came into a windfall the day after the insurance payout on Merv's life.

  • S02E05 Marcey Bennett

    • October 23, 1998
    • CTV

    Marcey Bennett was only fourteen when she was found raped and murdered in April of 1986. The gardener, Matthew Dalton, was arrested for the crime and later confessed. While cleaning out some of the junk in Sam's office, Max finds a videotape showing the investigation and when he and Ali realise how horribly the scene was contaminated, Ali decides to take another look into the case. With the focus on a former cop turned judge, Lance Giffen, Tony accuses Ali of being out to get all cops, still not over what happened with Vince Schneider. Ross decides to let Ali take an unofficial look, but warns her about Logozzo's drinking.

  • S02E06 Chantal LaMorande

    • October 30, 1998
    • CTV

    A standard pick-up for the drunk tank marks the start of a 34-year old cold case involving three men who were involved in the murder of a beautiful woman. The drunk is carrying her dress and tells a bizarre story of murder that involves his college roommates who are now prominent professionals in business. McCormick is relentless in the case and impresses Ross with her work. As she struggles with the case, Ross tells her as he leaves that he will be thinking about her as his head hits the pillow.

  • S02E07 Willy Santayana

    • November 13, 1998
    • CTV

    When Gavin Yeung, a wealthy Chinese teenager, commits suicide in jail cell, it brings up haunting memories for Logozzo of a similar suicide when he was a young cop; a young Philippino teen named Guillermo Santayana, also from an extremely wealthy family. The situation and people involved are enough for McCormick to reopen the case of Willy Santayana and to investigate not only Newlock and Stollard, but Logozzo as well. She and Logozzo, who is looking into the Gavin Yeung charge despite being warned off, need to be careful though, because Ross doesn't want them anywhere near the case. When Logozzo goes calling on Neil Stollard, an old comrade who now works at the jail, and causes repercussions, Ross warns them to stay away from the active case. Eddie and Cortez take the Maurice Patterson case, Cortez because she refuses to have anything to do with the Santayana / Yeung case.

  • S02E08 Dwayne Douglas Smith

    • November 20, 1998
    • CTV

    It's almost Logozzo's birthday and a contact, Buzz, who shares the date, shows up with a tip for Logozzo that may help solve a cold file on a truck driver who was murdered while trying to rape a young woman. The key witness, the woman, was drunk and emotionally disturbed. Ali learns she is now married and has found religion. But she is unwilling to help. (Detailed recap available.)

  • S02E09 Edmund Kritch

    • December 4, 1998
    • CTV

    Ali and Tony find a corpse hidden in a building that turns out to be Edmund Kritch, an anti-radical that disappeared over twenty-five years ago. While Tony investigates former members of a radical group known as Code Red, Cortez is convinced that the dead man's boss is behind everything, and Ali suspects the dead man's former girlfriend. Nick and Ali finally take their flirtation to the bedroom, where Ali is shocked to learn that Cortez was there first.

  • S02E10 Marilyn Larson

    • January 8, 1999
    • CTV

    Helen Larsen comes to Ali with a story about a repressed memory that had surfaced during therapy. Her sister Marilyn was killed when they were both children and she now remembers the details and the killer… her father. But it's up to Ali and the Cold Squad to provide the evidence to support this story. Meanwhile, Inspector Ross asks her to talk to a dying hit man, hoping she can persuade the man to talk about some of his victims, particularly a bag lady named Nancy Seniuk.

  • S02E11 The Kowalchuk Boy

    • January 15, 1999
    • CTV

    On August 2, 1982, two young boys disappeared. When the body of one was found later, they used the child's backpack to help identify him as Benji Harding, the son of a firefighter. Sixteen years later, a former co-worker of Harding's sees a computer screensaver featuring pictures of a child he swears is harding. Simms calls Lloyd Mastrowski in to work on the case, since he worked the original, and it isn't long before they realise the body belongs to Christopher Kowalchuk. During the course of the investigation, suspicion turns to Lyle and Grace Burgoyne, a family whose son died sixteen years ago in a fire when Harding was unable to save him. The case has political implications because the Kowalchuks spear-headed numerous missing childrens' campaigns after their son went missing, only to finally be told there was never any hope.

  • S02E12 Douglas Somerset

    • January 22, 1999
    • CTV

    Ali and Inspector Ross return to the Squad room in formal dress, their conversation indicating that Ali accompanied Ross on an official function, but there is indication that Ross is interested in her. Meanwhile, Logozzo has turned up some evidence of an old murder and the victim leads to a disappearance of Rev. Douglas Somerset. Somerset had left to go on mission trip in his own plane, but the plane never took off. Speculation is that Somerset was murdered by a hooker. The odd thing was that once the family had reported the missing man, they never checked back to see if the police had turned up anything. The circumstances of the man's disappearance causes Ali to think about the loss of her father, a pilot, in a plane crash. His body was never recovered.

  • S02E13 Bobby Johnson

    • February 5, 1999
    • CTV

    A social worker brings Ali in on an a case of possible child abuse. Ali protests that it's out of her jurisdiction, but the same couple lost another child to an ""accident"" a couple of years before that could have been abuse. Bobby Johnson is a cold file. As the investigation proceeds, the relationship between Ali and Inspector Ross heats up and Ali learns that he is divorced. She also has to discover there's a fine line between business and personal issues and she's confused.

  • S02E14 Gavin MacInnis

    • February 12, 1999
    • CTV

    After Mitchell Huston dies under mysterious circumstances at the Green Abbey hospice, Father Geddes points the finger at Dr. Sarah MacInnis. MacInnis ends up arrested, and Maz tells Ali he thinks they have an open and shut case, especially now that they also suspect Sarah of killing her husband Gavin (Mac) years earlier. Ross keeps trying to get Ali to move on the Seniuk case, and even though Tony learns that the real Nancy Seniuk was born in 1922 and died two years later, Ali lies to Ross when he asks her about it. She also suspects his motives after Malcolm, who sees them having dinner together, warns her against romance in the workplace.

  • S02E15 Nancy Seniuk

    • February 19, 1999
    • CTV

    Ali receives a letter from Denny Lavoie, the hit man who had died earlier, in which he tells her about the death of Nancy Seniuk a bag lady found dead in Stanley Park on August 17, 1980, but there is still a lot of mystery surrounding it. Using some of the modern tools, they age the photo they find of Nancy back to her twenties to begin the investigation. Ross takes Ali out to dinner and starts to tell her about the Seniuk case. Ali gives him a hard time about it and he drops it, but she suggests they go back to the office where he tells her about a drug operation called Deception in which four drug informants were killed. He believes there's a leak in the department. Add to the intrigue is Chief Malcolm warning Ali away from involvement in the case and Ross' investigation, suggesting his obsession with the operation is a wild goose chase. Ali becomes uncertain who she can trust.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Deadly Games (1)

    • October 22, 1999
    • CTV

    After Ali hits a young boy with her car after having a fight with Simon, she soon finds herself not only fighting to prove her innocence, but also fighting to get her job back, which she was stripped of without her knowledge while on vacation. Cold Squad has been turned into a provincial task force, and the only member of the old guard left is Logozzo, so Ali has to prove herself to Coscarella, the new sergeant in charge.

  • S03E02 Deadly Games (2)

    • October 29, 1999
    • CTV

    With her life in shambles and Det. Logozzo in the hospital after the warehouse shooting, Ali spends most of her time with her partner. Simon is somewhat involved in the investigation, but most of this episode is used to introduce the new characters in the series as they try to solve an old murder that has connections to the boy Ali hit. It turns out the youngster had a weapon and it is tied to the murder. Meanwhile, Simon tries to patch up things between him and Ali and learns where Ali was when she was supposedly on vacation ... she had an abortion.

  • S03E03 First Deadly Sin

    • November 5, 1999
    • CTV

    Ali and Frank are assigned to find out who murdered plastic surgeon Marvin Michaelsen after a drug dealer identifies him as the man who removed his fingerprints, but the tension between the two soon ends up taking a higher priority than the investigation. Nicco and Mickey work together on the case of Dermot Wells, a garbage collector that is believed to have murdered his former co-worker, and make a bet on how soon they'll get a confession.

  • S03E04 The Naked and the Dead

    • November 12, 1999
    • CTV

    Ali and Frank investigate a rock star accused of murdering a woman who fathered his child -- a woman he swears he never even met. While trying to figure out what Nicco does with his time, Mickey investigates the case of a woman who comes in to admit to murdering her husband.

  • S03E05 Deadbeat Walking

    • November 19, 1999
    • CTV

    After an 18-year-old girl agrees to allow the man who raped her to go free after the mother of a rape victim convinces her that he has information that could nail her daughter's rapist, rapist T.J. is released and given immunity on the death's he informs on, but Coscarella realises that T.J. committed one of the murders himself. Unfortunately, they can't touch him.

  • S03E06 Death, Lies and Videotape

    • November 26, 1999
    • CTV

    Ali and Bill investigate the death of Sarah Mills, who was found in a warehouse years ago. Nicco and Mickey join forces with Frank to investigate the death of Liam Skyler, the main suspect being the former roommate, Tessa Yale. When problems with his son come to a head, Frank takes a leave of absence from the squad.

  • S03E07 Death, a Love Story

    • December 3, 1999
    • CTV

    While I.A. investigates Ali for shooting at a man she thought was holding a gun (it was a remote control), Mickey and Nicco do stakeout duty together looking for Kirk Lennox and get on each other's nerves. Ali pairs up with Bill while reinvestigating the murder of Clara Pritchard, while Mickey comes under fire from Nicco, who wants her to lie and support Ali's original belief that the man was holding a gun. When Nicco learns that Mickey is sleeping with Bailey Gallanson, he berates her for refusing to lie for Ali yet being willing to sleep with Gallanson, who is not only married but has young children.

  • S03E08 Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy

    • December 10, 1999
    • CTV

    Nicco and Ali investigate the unsolved murder of Jeff Steeves, AKA. Vulse G, after a car is found underwater. The car leads them to an elderly woman named Clarice Fry, which eventually leads them back to her grandson Timo, who has a connection to Jeff's former manager, Desecrate. Mickey is assigned to work the case of Lester Graham, a gambler who owed $20,000 to an on-line gambling company who is rumored to be very violent in their collection methods. Mickey is upset when Bailey asks her to San Francisco then takes his wife instead, but shrugs it off to Nicco.

  • S03E09 Dead End

    • December 17, 1999
    • CTV

    Nicco has a lot of trouble dealing with the case of a teenage girl who was murdered, remembering a girl in his past that went missing. When queried by Sam, he admits that this is his first kid case. Mickey and Ali investigate an American serial killer who claims to have murdered two girls in British Columbia, believing the man is just trying to escape the death penalty. Kyle Bradley identifies one girl as his sister after shown the teddy bear pendant found by her body.

  • S03E10 Life After Death

    • January 8, 2000
    • CTV

    Ali investigates an old film that was discovered in the apartment above Bernice's and looks to be a sado-masochistic snuff film, but her focus is soon on her friend Bill, who finally wants to talk to her about what was going on with him back when a plastic surgeon was murdered (First Deadly Sin) -- he wants to become a woman. Bailey is representing a young woman named Anita Dunn, who is terrified that the man who raped her is back in her life (Deadbeat Walking). Nicco agrees to take on the case, but she gets more attached to him than she should. Mickey isn't sure where she stands with Bailey, and things get hot when Pawlachuk catches them in a clinch.

  • S03E11 The Good, the Bad and the Dead

    • January 15, 2000
    • CTV

    The squad interrogates four suspects in a 20-year-old murder.

  • S03E12 Death by Intent (1)

    • January 22, 2000
    • CTV

    A public outcry follows the brutal murder of a prostitute, which resembles several unsolved killings.

  • S03E13 Death by Intent (2)

    • January 29, 2000
    • CTV

    When a woman is murdered by a stalker, new clues emerge in the case of the prostitute killings.

Season 4

  • S04E01 A Good Death

    • October 6, 2000
    • CTV

    Firefighters find a mass grave in the cellar of a home with nine bodies, one of which is directly connected to a cold case. Christine has trouble fitting in when she takes over for Bernice, who didn't leave her any instructions. Mickey comes under suspicion when Bailey's wife is murdered because he pointed the finger at her.

  • S04E02 Common Knowledge

    • October 13, 2000
    • CTV

    The squad re-investigates the murder of a well-known philanthropist at the request of the son who is believed to have murdered him. Nicco helps Mickey when she's suspected of murdering Bailey Gallanson's wife.

  • S04E03 Murder Farm

    • October 20, 2000
    • CTV

    A count of the corpses in storage at a police training facility leads to a murder investigation.

  • S04E04 24/7

    • October 27, 2000
    • CTV

    The squad helps Moscow police probe a Russian hockey star's death.

  • S04E05 Loyalties

    • November 10, 2000
    • CTV

    Nicco is in the hot seat when his friend Gus (another cop) is shot and killed, and a local drug dealer, Hoppy, is charged with the murder. Ali and Mickey investigate when a thief about to be released from jail confesses to a murder, believing he simply wants to remain in jail.

  • S04E06 Slave to the Job

    • November 17, 2000
    • CTV

    A tax-evasion case leads to an investigation of a prostitution ring and murder.

  • S04E07 Trust

    • December 1, 2000
    • CTV

    Mickey and Ali investigate a twelve-year old murder that was believed solved thanks to a tip from a junkie named Simon. Coscarella investigates when two dogs trained by the same man attack people on command. Christine cannot resist the lure of her past, and steals cocaine from the lock-up.

  • S04E08 Court Appeal

    • December 8, 2000
    • CTV

    Courts rule evidence in a murder case inadmissible prior to a retrial.

  • S04E09 Root Cause

    • December 9, 2000
    • CTV

    When one of Reid Logan's five wives shows up at the station, she tells Frank and Nicco that she believes the death of Louise Logan, Reid's only legal wife, four months ago was foul play. While investigating, Nicco is intrigued by Libby, the most recent wife who took Louise's place as Reid's only legal wife. Mickey is beaten up by a suspect in the brutal deaths of the Williams' and their baby, and although Ali tries to help her, she soon crosses the line in her zeal to get Price and his partner.

  • S04E10 My So Called Death

    • February 3, 2001
    • CTV

    Ali investigates the death of Philip Morris, a teen who was believed to have committed suicide by jumping off the Capilano suspension bridge six years earlier. Coscarella worries his son Leo may be gay after Frank sees him embracing another guy after returning from a rave.

  • S04E11 Loose Ends (1)

    • February 10, 2001
    • CTV

    Police corruption may have played a role in drug-gang activities.

  • S04E12 Loose Ends (2)

    • February 17, 2001
    • CTV

    Frank and Nicco are stripped of their badges over the drug probe.

  • S04E13 Dead Soldiers

    • February 24, 2001
    • CTV

    Frank investigates the death of a forgotten war hero. Ali applies to become a Big Sister after questioning her value as a cop

  • S04E14 Check Mate

    • March 3, 2001
    • CTV

    Two robbery suspects take hostages in the squad room.

  • S04E15 The Box

    • March 10, 2001
    • CTV

    The squad tries to break a former officer preparing to leave the country. They're convinced he killed two people while his young daughter, dying of cancer, watched from the back of the car.

  • S04E16 Predators

    • March 17, 2001
    • CTV

    Thirteen-year-old Kevin Lane disappeared on June 6, 1979. Years later, his parents discovered that his former baseball coach Harry Walters was really pederast Martin Woodridge, his mother became convinced that Woodridge murdered her son and hid the body. Woodridge insists that he is all about consenting actions between adults and young adults, insisting that he has never forced anyone to do anything they didn't want to. After the Lanes offer a $100,000 reward for information, Woodridge comes forward and points the finger at himself. Although Ali would love to lock him up and throw away the key, she just can't do it.

  • S04E17 The Unsinkable Iwa Gudang

    • March 31, 2001
    • CTV

    A cold case turns warm when a mysterious man collapses near a hospital.

  • S04E18 Vancouver Confidential

    • April 7, 2001
    • CTV

    A self-help lecturer may have influenced a prison guard to murder a prisoner.

  • S04E19 Habeas Corpus

    • April 14, 2001
    • CTV

    Cold Squad is convinced they have the necessary ammo to bring down killer Dean Bulmer, and Nicco goes so far as to promise the family of one of his unlucky victims that it's in the bag, but when a body found proves to belong to the man Bulmer is on trial for killing, the Squad realises that Bulmer has been fingered for the wrong murder, and it comes down to the moral question of whether to lie to keep a vicious killer in prison, or to tell the truth and have him set free.

  • S04E20 Faith

    • April 21, 2001
    • CTV

    When Ali's testimony results in the release of a killer (Dean Bulmer), Coscorella takes it too seriously and makes catching Bulmer his sole goal, much to the displeasure of homicide detective Len Harper. Nicco is furious with Ali and believes she should have lied to keep Bulmer in jail, and tries desperately to keep the father of one of the victims from taking justice into his own hands. Cold squad is in danger of being closed down, and the officers absorbed into the homicide division.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Personal Politics

    • September 29, 2001
    • CTV

    When the squad investigates the murder of an abortion doctor, old wounds are re-opened for the team.

  • S05E02 Family Ties

    • October 6, 2001
    • CTV

    When Nicci becomes personally involved in a case after a man who takes drug's asks the squad to find her mother's killer

  • S05E03 Picasso's Mistake

    • October 13, 2001
    • CTV

    A case from Pawlachuck's past comes back to life and forces him to face up to some personal demons he thought he had escaped for good and from this he learns a few things about himself in the progress.

  • S05E04 Clean

    • October 20, 2001
    • CTV

    A murder investigation leads to dissension in the squad.

  • S05E05 All in the Family

    • October 27, 2001
    • CTV

    Ali and the squad try to narrow the field on Sam Drainie, the former Ambleton security guard they believe is responsible for the shooting death of Ken Osborne, and possibly the deaths of Billy Wells and Michelle Ripley. Ali is also trying to juggle her personal life when she repeatedly makes and breaks dates with Vanessa's father, Dan.

  • S05E06 The One That Got Away

    • November 3, 2001
    • CTV

    Ali gets assigned to work the cold case of Jessica Tyson. Gerald Lee had confessed to the murder, but because his confession was a direct result of a cop threatening his life, the case was thrown out of court, and Gerald Lee protected under the double jeopardy law. It isn't long before Ali becomes convinced that the evidence against Lee isn't quite as good as they thought it was. Nicco, Len and Mickey continue to investigate the Ambleton case and Drainie's connection to Desmond Cage, and soon learn that Drainie had been buying computers and computer parts on a regular basis. While trying to further the investigation, they learn the mounties are also investigating Drainie, and have taken the squad's best evidence with them.

  • S05E07 The Nanny

    • November 10, 2001
    • CTV

    Mickey partners up with an old flame to solve a case.

  • S05E08 The Needle and the Debutante

    • December 8, 2001
    • CTV

    The team investigate the death by drug overdose of an up-and-coming artist.

  • S05E09 Bottom Feeders

    • December 15, 2001
    • CTV

    When a trusted defence attorney crosses Mickey, she vows to exact her revenge, can the squad solve this one?

  • S05E10 The Shed

    • February 2, 2002
    • CTV

    Harper struggles to build a case against a murder suspect, after an investigation that lasted 18 month long.

  • S05E11 Dead Letters

    • February 9, 2002
    • CTV

    mickey stumbles across a potential lead in an investigation that had been leading the squad to a dead end in there investigation.

  • S05E12 Enough's Enough

    • February 23, 2002
    • CTV

    The Squad continues to work on the Ambleton case, feeling they've hit a break when they arrest a former student, Shelley Mack, who tells Mickey and Ali about parties that used to be held in the Love Shack, with Desmond Cage in attendance. Nicco tries to help Billie beat her addiction and get away from her pimp, but when he can't find her a place in a rehab clinic he tries to help her go cold turkey. Andy has no choice but to turn over the Ambleton files and all evidence on Desmond Cage when a request from higher up comes down.

  • S05E13 Ambleton

    • March 2, 2002
    • CTV

    The squad discovers what happened with Billy Wells and Michelle Ripley.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Career Opportunists

    • September 21, 2002
    • CTV

    When Dana Hughes comes into the station to report to Mickey that her estranged husband murdered two hookers three years earlier, they investigate, and when the young woman is beaten, Mickey blames herself because she warned the husband to stay away from his wife. As the case goes on, Dana brings in more and more evidence against Wayne, but what Mickey doesn't know is that someone is pulling all Dana's strings. After modeling for the cover of a local magazine, Ali considers a transfer to Ottawa, where she would be working in a joint American/Canadian anti-terrorist task force. Dan forms a partnership with his uncle so he and Vanessa can go with her, but Ali's mother's past is going to stand in her way. Nicco is forced into a meeting with department psychiatrist Leanne Walker in regards to the death of André, the pimp of a young hooker named Billie that Nicco had gotten involved with and helped clean up her life.

  • S06E02 Horton Killed a Wu

    • September 28, 2002
    • CTV

    While Mickey moves into her new position upstairs supervising all the departments, Ali takes over the case of some recent murders at a massage parlor.

  • S06E03 Happily Ever After

    • October 5, 2002
    • CTV

    Harper can't let go of his obsession with Viveca Wells. He is convinced that she murdered her last husband, and when he learns she's engaged to be married again, he tries to warn her fiancé, Richard, who tells Harper that he knows all about her past, and he's okay with it. While researching the case with Ali and trying to fight his own attraction to Wells, he learns that Richard has been the man in her life all along. Nicco is upset because in the six weeks since he's been off of suspension, he hasn't worked a single case. Ali finally throws him a bone by having him interview a prospective witness in the case of a racially motivated murder and while Nicco gets the man to ID the suspect, he's not happy with it.

  • S06E04 Live Fast Die Young

    • October 12, 2002
    • CTV

    The squad gets involved in the world of street racing.

  • S06E05 Unfaithful

    • October 19, 2002
    • CTV

    A murder hits close to home for Pawlachuk.

  • S06E06 Flamers

    • October 26, 2002
    • CTV

    The murder of gay-basher Ken Reegan on Davies street prompts the squad to re-open the three-year-old murder of another gay-basher, Terrance 'Tron' McLean. Nicco and Len connect with homicide to investigate the case, and Len can't keep his personal prejudices out of the case, which involve working with a gay officer, Luke Darling. Mickey uses the department's new computer toy to help Ali with a 10-year-old arson case. It eventually leads Ali to Boris Delgado, a former troublemaker who found religion after the first fire but was unable to escape his past.

  • S06E07 Back in the Day

    • November 16, 2002
    • CTV

    Nicco take the lead in solving the case when Mickey lets him take charge, they find the criminal wearing a overcoat.

  • S06E08 Survivor

    • November 13, 2002
    • CTV

    When Ali is on her way back from a routine prisoner transfer, Winslow accidentally crashes the car (somewhere off highway five between Clearwater and Little Fort), leaving Ali and himself relying on the prisoner they're transporting, Paul King, who is accused of the brutal murders of two men. Ali and the prisoner both beg Mitch to uncuff Paul so that he can help them (Ali has a spike through her arm and Mitch has suffered heavy internal injuries), but Mitch absolutely refuses. When Mitch finally dies from his injuries, Ali begins to talk to the prisoner, who maintains his innocence in the murders and swears that he's only out to save the environment.

  • S06E09 Kill Me Twice

    • November 30, 2002
    • CTV

    Years ago, Pierre Martin was convincted of murdering Randall Bettinger, but suddenly Bettinger turns up alive and well, making Len, who had busted the case, look very bad. Within 48 hours though, Bettinger is found dead for real, and Casey brings in both Nicco and Len to work the case, and each uses their snitches to help prove who murdered Bettinger. Mickey gets pulled in when the murder of 6-yr-old Jeannie Yan is reopened after nearly ten years, because the girl was the first dead child she ever saw. She asks Ali to investigate, and when Ali begs off, Mickey begins doing some detective work of her own.

  • S06E10 Bob & Carol & Len & Ali

    • January 18, 2002
    • CTV

    Ali and Len re-open the case of a corrupt stockbroker, Jack Dolan, who had stolen millions from his clients. When they begin questioning the clients, they learn that Jack and his then-wife Arlene were members of a club of swingers. Originally they look at jealousy as a motive, but no one seems to have been angry about any of the relationships. Len also finds himself interested in the lifestyle of a swinger, which Wanda shoots down immediately. Nicco is finally finished his counselling sessions with Leanne, and when she calls him to her home he goes over and spends the night. The next day Leanne starts talking about their 'relationship', and when Nicco tells her she's moving too fast she accuses him of using her for a one-night stand.

  • S06E11 Killing Time

    • January 25, 2002
    • CTV

    When Ali hears that suspected killer John Watts is about to be extradited for trial in Texas, she's determined to get him convicted in Canada of the murder of Gus Johansson to save him from the dealth penalty, which she does not agree with. When Ali and Agent Mitchell (who is there to extradite Watts) try to question the suspect, he grabs a cop's gun and holds Ali hostage. Nicco is accused of sexually assaulting the police psychiatrist, Leanne Walker, but maintains his innocence to Andy because what they did was consensual. When he tries to talk to her, she makes it clear that if he wants her to drop the charges, she has to come back to therapy with him. Mickey agrees to check an apartment for Christine's replacement, Denise, and learns that the building has had a large number of rapes recently.

  • S06E12 True Believers (1)

    • February 8, 2003
    • CTV

    When Nicco investigates the death of a female tree planter that took place thirty years ago, his best suspect is a well-known humanitarian Ian Northby, and Nicco soon begins to regret getting involved in the case, and finally realises that he doesn't belong in the Squad, but back on the force. After having an affair for months, Len gets antsy when Sonia gets involved in an undercover prostitution bust. She promises to quit if he will leave Wanda for her. He finally does, just as Sonja is being injected with a massive dose of heroin by the American pimp she's investigating. At the urging of the daughter of convicted murderer Abdul Rhaman, Ali agrees to look into the crime he was convicted of, the murder of Khallid Fulani. When she starts searching, she learns that Fulani never truly existed, and C.S.I.S. has seized all the files.

  • S06E13 True Believers (2)

    • February 15, 2003
    • CTV

    Nicco is finally back on general duty, and his first major investigation involves a missing girl named Mimi whose mother has been searching for her. Ali continues to meet roadblocks in her quest to learn who truly killed Khallid Fulani, and makes a decision that will change her life. Len is determined to find Sonia's killer no matter what, and finally tells Wanda the truth about the affair.

Season 7

  • S07E01 No Life Like It

    • September 4, 2004
    • CTV

    When the sister of a murder victim from a case Ali worked on years before is found dead in an alleyway behind a strip club, Ali investigates the murder even though she's not officially on the police force.

  • S07E02 Voices Over Water

    • September 11, 2004
    • CTV

    When a camp counselor offers evidence that three children who died in a boating accident at camp thirty years ago were actually murdered, the Squad investigates the claims. Ali initially goes off what Goren Berkland is claiming even though there is only his word to go on, until she discovers that he lives in a mental institution and is only occasionally in touch with reality.

  • S07E03 Teen Angel

    • September 18, 2004
    • CTV

    When a young woman dies mysteriously before what everyone assures Cold Squad was a guaranteed win in a nationally televised singing contest, the group investigates only to learn that the singer's worst enemies may have been closer to home than she thought.

  • S07E04 Cock of the Walk

    • October 9, 2004
    • CTV

    When the squad identifies a body in the field as belonging to a young man named Joshua Stokes, Andy personally takes the news to his old friend Preston, the young man's father, and catches him in the middle of a messy divorce. His investigation soon takes him into the world of male prostitution, where he soon finds a young straight man named Rick who is trying to make a few bucks willing to give him as much information as he can. Meanwhile, Ali's friends at the station are determined to find her a man, but a disastrous bar setup and a matchmaking barbecue at Len's confirm that the only thing Ali needs a man for is occasional relief.

  • S07E05 Deadbeat

    • October 16, 2004
    • CTV

    Sam finally gets a case of her own -- the three year old beating death of a homeless man -- which leads the squad to a company that tapes homeless people fighting to sell on the Internet.

  • S07E06 Righteous

    • December 4, 2004
    • CTV

    Ali begins second guessing her actions on a past cast when lawyer Paul Deeds approaches her with the suggestion that Bryn Fulford, a man Ali and her former partner Desoto put away for murder over a decade ago, was really innocent of the crimes. Sam takes an active interest when Ray can't put aside the on-the-job shooting of suspected cop killer Boone Judson, who just happened to be the long-time nemesis of some strike force members that Sam has history with.

  • S07E07 Girlfriend in a Closet

    • December 11, 2004
    • CTV

    After comic book Steve Baker owner is shot at, Ali takes another look into the disappearance of a young woman named Thora who everybody believed Steve had murdered. At Ali's request, Ray begins 'protecting' Steve from Thora's father David and former boyfriend Mark while trying to uncover some dirt on him. Harper is pre-occupied with his wife having kicked him out of their home, and when she and her parents cut him off from seeing Eva and Kassia, Harper finds his world falling apart.

  • S07E08 Mr. Bad Example

    • January 8, 2005
    • CTV

    Still torn up over his separation from Wanda, Len relentlessly pursues a serial killer as Wanda seeks sole custody of their two daughters.

  • S07E09 Learning Curve

    • January 15, 2005
    • CTV

    When a twelve-year-old girl disappears from her bedroom, Ali and Ray infiltrate the world of pedophiles in a desperate attempt to find her.

  • S07E10 Borders

    • February 19, 2005
    • CTV

    After getting himself arrested while on a camp-out in the United States, Harper goes undercover to smoke out marijuana traffickers and in his discussions with the squad soon realises that minor dealers have been dying mysteriously. His objectivity is seriously challenged when he finds himself falling for Lila, the innocent sister of one of the main suspects.

  • S07E11 C'mon I Tip Waitresses

    • April 2, 2005
    • CTV

    After a taxi driver reports a passenger who seriously gave him the creeps with his misogynistic views on women, Ali decides to look into it, and the trail leads her to Ian Summerhill, a dentist who had dated the first missing woman and had been dating the woman found a couple of days after the cabbie came in. Sam tries to investigate Summerhill's dark side and heads back to her old work place, where girls entertain men for money. Ali's relationship with Paul is threatened when Ian shares some stories of Paul's mis-spent youth with her, and she wonders how accurate they are.

  • S07E12 The Filth (1)

    • May 28, 2005
    • CTV

    When Harper's daughter goes missing, he's convinced she's in the hands of a dangerous pedophile. Ray is drawn into an old case when a beaten wife claims her husband killed someone.

  • S07E13 And the Fury (2)

    • CTV

    Harper searches desperately for his missing daughter, praying that he will find her before it is too late. Sam has the perfect suspect, an well-known surgeon, but the only witness against him is very unstable.