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Season 1

  • S01E01 Comrades (1917-1945)

    • September 19, 1998

    Despite their ideological differences, the United States and the Soviet Union become allies in the wars against Germany.

  • S01E02 Iron Curtain (1945–1947)

    • September 26, 1998

    Stalin begins to spread communism across Europe after the war ends, and tension grows between the United States and the Soviet Union.

  • S01E03 Marshall Plan (1947–1952)

    • October 3, 1998

    The United States offers assistance to countries that reject communism after Great Britain halts aid to Turkey and Greece.

  • S01E04 Berlin (1948–1949)

    • October 10, 1998

    Berlin is divided into two separate cities, and Europe itself splits as the countries align themselves with the opposing major powers.

  • S01E05 Korea (1949–1953)

    • October 17, 1998

    A Chinese civil war between the factions of Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-Shek brings the armed forces of the United States onto the battlefield to oppose communism.

  • S01E06 Reds (1948–1953)

    • October 31, 1998

    A look at the period in which Stalin securely dominated eastern Europe, China embraced communism, and anti-communist hysteria spread in the United States.

  • S01E07 After Stalin (1953–1956)

    • November 7, 1998

    Stalin's death brings hope that tensions will ease between the Soviet Union and the United States, and Nikita Khrushchev becomes the new Soviet Leader.

  • S01E08 Sputnik (1949–1961)

    • November 14, 1998

    The Soviet Union launches its first satellite into orbit while the United States' own space program lags behind.

  • S01E09 The Wall (1958–1963)

    • November 21, 1998

    The Soviet Union solves the problem of people leaving East Germany to the free West by stopping open transit and building a secured ring around West Berlin.

  • S01E10 Cuba (1959–1962)

    • November 28, 1998

    President Kennedy confronts Kruschev when the Soviet Union begins to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba

  • S01E11 Vietnam (1954–1968)

    • December 12, 1998

    The United States continues its containment of communism by becoming involved in Vietnam's ongoing struggle, leading to enormous public disapproval of the policy.

  • S01E12 MAD (1960–1972)

    • December 12, 1998

    A look at how technology shaped the politics of the Cold War era, including the United States' Mutual Assured Destruction strategy and the introduction of missiles with multiple payloads.

  • S01E13 Make Love Not War (The 60s)

    • February 13, 1999

    An examination of the effects of the Cold War upon the populace, including civil rights movements and protests that led to policy changes.

  • S01E14 Red Spring (The 60s)

    • February 20, 1999

    The Soviet Union continues its aggressive European policy by invading Czechoslovakia and crushing the Prague Spring Revolution.

  • S01E15 China (1949–1972)

    • February 27, 1999

    The history of communism in China, from Mao Tse-tung's victory to President Nixon's trip to China in 1972.

  • S01E16 Detente (1969–1975)

    • March 6, 1999

    A look at the era of detente that resulted in cooperation and exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union.

  • S01E17 Good Guys, Bad Guys (1967–1978)

    • March 13, 1999

    An examination of how the major powers fought by proxy in different areas of the world throughout the era.

  • S01E18 Backyard (1954–1990)

    • March 20, 1999

    The United States utilizes different ways to fight the spread of communism in its own hemisphere, from Guatamala to Grenada.

  • S01E19 Freeze (1977–1981)

    • March 27, 1999

    Unrest in Eastern Europe and the Oil Crisis threatens to undermine the progress made by detente.

  • S01E20 Soldiers of God (1975–1988)

    • April 11, 1999

    An examination of the effects of religious fundamentalism upon the United States and the Soviet Union's foreign policies.

  • S01E21 Spies (1944–1994)

    • April 18, 1999

    A look at the hidden front of the Cold War involving subterfuge and secret intelligence gathering.

  • S01E22 Star Wars (1981–1988)

    • April 25, 1999

    The Soviet Union's economy falters as it struggles to keep up in the arms and technology race.

  • S01E23 The Wall Comes Down (1989)

    • May 2, 1999

    The Soviet Union loses its grip on Eastern Europe as the Berlin Wall comes down and the Cold War comes to an end.

  • S01E24 Conclusions (1989–1991)

    • May 9, 1999

    The Cold War era comes to an end as the Soviet Union's empire falls and new policies are implemented by Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin.