Sarah's ghost visits David. She tells him about the death of Doctor Woodard. She tells him something terrible happens but then disappears after he asks what is going to happen. Elizabeth enters and is going to tell him about Dr. Woodard's death but finds that David already knows. She thinks that he must have overheard them talking about his death. Victoria wants Burke to consider continuing to live at Collinwood by restoring one of the wings. Carolyn talks with David. Carolyn tells her of her imaginary friend from when she was nine. Carolyn and David hear Sarah play. David tells Carolyn that an accident will happen to someone they love. Burke must leave for South America that night. David says goodbye like he will never see Burke again. Burke and Victoria go for a walk and Victoria hears the wail of the Widows of Widows Hill.

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  • Episode Number 69
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Thursday, October 19, 1967
  • Production Code
  • Directors
  • Writers Joe Caldwell
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