Mrs. Johnson comes to Elizabeth with bad news. She just heard that a plane, owned by the same company that owns the flight Burke is on, crashed. Elizabeth tells Mrs. Johnson that she will phone the airline about it. The airline tells her that they do not yet have the passanger list and they tell her they will call if Burke was on it. Meanwhile, at the Old House, Barnabas and Julia talk about Josette. Barnabas and Julia leave for Widow's Hill, where Josette jumped off. Meanwhile, at Collinwood, Victoria enters the room and talks about Burke and their plans together. At that moment, the airline called saying that Burke's plane had crashed and that a search party had been organized. Victoria feels faint after learning of the news. She insists on leaving for a walk. Meanwhile, at Widow's Hill, Barnabas talks about his uncle's bride (The history of Josette & Barnabas was changed 20 episodes later when the show went back to 1795) and how he loved her and how she died because she was frighte

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  • Episode Number 70
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  • Originally Aired Friday, October 20, 1967
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  • Directors
  • Writers Gordon Russell
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