At the Old House, Barnabas thinks about what to do with Julia while Carolyn waits impatiently. Barnabas decides he must kill Julia. He asks Carolyn to help him, but she does not want to. Barnabas tells her that all she will have to do is get Julia's notebook about him and he will do the actual killing. When Carolyn gets home, she is greeted by Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson tells her she shouldn't make a habit of not eating dinner. She also remarks that Carolyn is very pale and thinks she might be sick. After Mrs.Johnson leaves, Maggie stops by. Maggie had been in New Hampshire and just gotten back and heard the news of Burke's death. Carolyn tells Maggie that Vickie is in Boston and that Burke is probably dead. Maggie remarks that Carolyn isn't acting like she normally does. Maggie tells Carolyn that when Carolyn touchs her scar it makes her uncomfortable, Carolyn retorts that it's her favorite scar. Maggie then leaves. Carolyn then sees Julia and tells her Barnabas wants her as a cover f

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  • Episode Number 80
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  • Originally Aired Friday, November 3, 1967
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  • Directors
  • Writers Gordon Russell
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