Julia comes down the stairs to the foyer of Collinwood. She stares at Barnabas' portrait. She thinks about what is going on, and decides it's not safe to keep the notebook in her room. Julia needs to find a place to keep it over night, and then drop it off at the bank the next day. As she starts to leave the room, the great clock rings. Julia decides she'll hide the notebook in the clock. Carolyn goes to the Old House. She tells Barnabas she couldn't find the notebook, and Julia discovered her looking through the room. Barnabas says that Julia now knows that they are looking for the notebook. Barnabas orders Carolyn to watch Julia at all times and find the notebook tonight! Carolyn reminds Barnabas that he is in danger during the day. Barnabas tells Carolyn that she will look over him during the day. Barnabas says that as soon as they have the notebook, Dr. Hoffman will be destroyed! At Collinwood, Julia paces between the foyer and the drawing room. Elizabeth joins her downstairs, and

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  • Episode Number 81
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  • Originally Aired Monday, November 6, 1967
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  • Directors
  • Writers Gordon Russell
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