At Victoria's trial, Trask relates the story of Abigail's death. He says that Victoria did it. Peter gets angry and says there is no proof of that. The judges tell Trask that there is not enough evidence to accuse Victoria of witchcraft. In the goal, Peter asks Vicki if there is anybody who she discussed Abigail with. She names Barnabas (Dead-well not really), Jeremiah (Dead), Natalie (Thinks Victoria is a witch), and Ben (Who won't testify). She then remembers Nathan and Peter gets Nathan to agree to testify for Victoria. At the trial, Victoria is called to the stand. Trask asks her questions, many relating to Abigail's death. He then calls in a new witness- Nathan Forbes! Peter and Victoria are shocked by this. On the stand, Nathan says that Victoria told him how she would like to strike Abigail dead (All lies!). Victoria is horrified. Peter then cross examines him. Nathan then leaves the stand and takes one last look at Victoria before he leaves.

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  • Episode Number 66
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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, February 21, 1968
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  • Directors
  • Writers Gordon Russell
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