Nathan is working in his room when Peter enters. Peter asks him many times why he decieved them and Nathan tells him that he changed his mind about Victoria. Before long, the two are fighting. Peter ends up winning. 'You have won the round, but lost the fight' says Nathan. Meanwhile, at Collinwood, Naomi notices that Joshua hasn't left for work yet. Naomi believes this was caused by his sister's death. They talk about her and Joshua leaves. Trask and Nathan talk about their deal, in which Trask would talk to Joshua about not sending a letter to the army. Trask goes to Joshua and asks him and Naomi to testify. He then has Nathan come in and Joshua and Nathan talk. Trask leaves. Joshua promises Nathan he won't send the letter if Nathan asks the navy for relocation. Peter talks to Naomi and tells her that she needs to testify for them because Nathan lied. Naomi goes to Joshua and tells him she's going to testify. She's lost her children and she doesn't care about her dignity! is what she

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  • Episode Number 67
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  • Originally Aired Thursday, February 22, 1968
  • Production Code
  • Directors
  • Writers Sam Hall
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