Ben and Barnabas are waiting in the dining room awaiting the news which will tell them if Naomi is dead. Joshua comes in. She has died. Barnabas swears revenge against Nathan Forbes who had told Naomi about Barnabas. They can not find Victoria and realize that Nathan has turned her in. Barnabas swears revenge against him. Meanwhile, at the Eagle, Nathan is talking to a barmaid. She leaves. Barnabas shows up and Nathan shoots him but BArnabas does not die, saying ""You can not kill me Lt. Forbes, for I am already dead!"" Barnabas tells him that he is going to kill Nathan at 9 PM and leaves. Riggs has come to the Old House with silver bullets which Joshua had ordered. These silver bullets, if shot in the heart, could kill a vampire. Joshua tells Ben to move the coffin to the secret room in hte moseleum so he can kill Barnabas there. Nathan is nervous. He tells it to Joshua. Joshua says he can not help. Barnabas appears to Nathan. Nathan shoots Barnabas with an arrow by the heart, and Barna

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  • Originally Aired Thursday, March 28, 1968
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