It turns out the arrow missed Barnabas' heart. Barnabas kills Nathan by strangulation. Joshua has Ben bury Nathan and has it reported that Nathan had left Millicent. The sun rises. Barnabas has by now found out that Joshua is gonna kill him and asks for two requests. The first is that Ben will be freed, and the second is a letter to the governer asking to postpone Victoria' hanging. Barnabas then leaves to go to his coffin. Joshua tries to shoot him but can't. He has Barnabas' coffin chained up in the secret room, with a cross in the coffin that will paralyze him until it is removed,w hich is hopefully never. Meanwhile, at the goal, Victoria seems to be praying. Peter enters since Victoria had asked to see him as her last request. Peter and Victoria admit their love for each other, and Peter tells her that they will meet each other once again someday. They are seperated and Victoria is taken to the gallows. She is asked if she wants to wear a hood and she agrees. We then see the rope g

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