In the root cellar, Carolyn wakes up. She tries to get out but can not due to the rock. At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Vickie sit in the drawing room. Elizabeth says she thinks Carolyn is dead--or soon will be. The phone rings, and Elizabeth hurries to answer it. Elizabeth tells Vickie that the person on the phone was the sheriff--Adam has been caught. Elizabeth decides to go to town to question Adam, and Vickie volunteers to go with her. Carolyn muses over things, and decides Adam must've left to get food since that was the only word she said that he fully understood. Meanwhile, at the jail, Adam sits in his cell, frustrated. Vickie and Elizabeth enter with the sheriff's deputy. The deputy makes fun of Adam, and Elizabeth tells him to stay out of Adam's sight. Elizabeth tries to question Adam, but he can not speak. Elizabeth decides they can not get anything from him, and starts to live. Adam moans, and Vickie notes that it seems like he wants to help them. Carolyn starts going crazy in

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  • Episode Number 44
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Thursday, May 30, 1968
  • Production Code
  • Directors Jack Sullivan
  • Writers Ron Sproat
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