Adam runs through the woods, trying to escape from the sheriff's men. Sheriff Patterson goes to the Old House to ask Barnabas questions. He asks why he isn't looking for Carolyn. Barnabas says that he thought he would get the information from the Adam. Sheriff Patterson says he didn't. He tells Barnabas that Adam has escaped. Barnabas is surprised by this. Adam comes to the root cellar where he had locked Carolyn and opens it. Carolyn tries to escape, but Adam pulls on her hair. She tells him that he's hurting her, but Adam just mimics the word 'hurting'. She says that she wants to go 'home', and Adam mimics her again. She starts screaming at him. Adam covers her mouth and takes her back into the root cellar. Carolyn cries, and Adam cries with her while playing with her hair. Adam takes Carolyn out of the cellar and carries her off. Meanwhile, at the Old House, Sheriff Patterson continues to question Barnabas. He says that Adam had been shot by Roger earlier, but when he was seen aga

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  • Episode Number 45
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  • Originally Aired Friday, May 31, 1968
  • Production Code
  • Directors
  • Writers Gordon Russell
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