Professor Stokes has the dream. In the dream, he refuses to open the door for the beckoner unless he speaks. The beckoner (Sam Evans) speaks. Professor Stokes tells him he will go by himself, but Sam says he'll die if he does. Professor Stokes goes to the door himself, and Sam Evans follows him. Professor Stokes recites the 'pitiful riddle' and then refuses to open the doors. Angelique appears. Angelique thinks it's Ben Stokes, but he tells her he is Timothy Stokes and not as ignorant as Ben. She threatens to make him as ignorant as Ben. She says he will die, and he says he knows he will---in a bed, of natural causes. Timothy calls her Cassandra, figuring that the witch really is Cassandra. Angelique then disappears and Timothy wakes up. Timothy tells Julia that the dream has been stopped for now. There is a knock at the door. Julia and Timothy answer the door. Joe Haskell & Sam Evans are at the door. Joe tells them that Sam felt he had to come here. Professor Stokes tells Sam that he

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  • Episode Number 48
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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, June 5, 1968
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  • Directors
  • Writers Sam Hall
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