Carolyn starts the dream. She hears a knock on the door but doesn't answer it. She wakes up, and says she will not have the dream. At the Old House, Julia meets with Professor Stokes. Professor takes out a picture of a portrait of Josette duPres, and asks who it is. After finding out, he said it looks like Maggie Evans, and that is why Angelique would start with her. Stokes sends for Carolyn. When Carolyn arrives, they have Willie tell her the dream, even though she does not want to. Stokes puts her into a trance, which makes Carolyn have Stokes be the beckoner in her dream. She falls to sleep, and dreams the dream. At the end of the dream, she sees her own gravestone, screams, and wakes up. Carolyn then tells Stokes the dream. Stokes lays down to sleep on the couch and falls asleep...

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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, June 4, 1968
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