The bricks move completely out, exposing the top half of the skeleton of Reverand Trask. Julia is shocked that the first Barnabas would have done this to anyone. Timothy Stokes calls to the ghost of Trask, but is not successful. Julia and Timothy wonder if Reverand Trask is inside Tony's body, and Tony refuses to acknowledge the possiblity. They hear music coming from upstairs, and Julia exclaims ""Adam!"". Timothy and Julia go upstairs and find that David is playing with a tape recorder. They ask him to leave and not tell his mother that he saw Professor Stokes. David leaves. Professor Stokes asks Julia why she said 'Adam!' At that moment, Tony screams for help. Julia and Timothy go back downstairs, and find that the skeleton of Reverand Trask has disappeared. Tony tells them he closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them the skeleton was gone. Tony & Julia leave the house. Professor Stokes sighs in dismay because Trask would not appear to him, and Trask also sighs. At Collinwo

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  • Episode Number 51
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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, June 11, 1968
  • Production Code
  • Directors
  • Writers Sam Hall
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