Trask gloats to Barnabas that he will decide Barnabas' fate. At the Evans cottage, Sam is bandaging Adam and asks him questions about his jump off Widow's Hill. Sam starts teaching Adam sentences, sentence fragments, and words. Adam starts rubbing his wrists, sensing that Barnabas is in danger. Sam tries to help Adam, but Adam just continues to say 'Barnabas...hurt'. Joe Haskell walks in, and frightens Adam. Adam out of the cottage, scared. Sam tells Joe that he has been helping Adam these last few days. Joe tells him Adam might be the man who kidnapped Carolyn a few days ago. Sam tells Joe that Adam IS the man who kidnapped Carolyn. Joe asks why Sam didn't call the police, Sam says that Adam saved Carolyn's life on Widow's Hill. Sam tells Joe about how Adam was saying 'Barnabas hurt'. Joe thinks Adam was trying to say 'hurt Barnabas', so he leaves to go to the Old House. When Joe arrives at the Old House, he finds that no one is home. In the basement of the Old House, Barnabas is call

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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, June 12, 1968
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