Brady tells Quinn he's grateful for what he did for Chloe and Carly, also is stunned when Quinn says he's seeing Marlena professionally and trying to change. Jennifer learns that Daniel will in fact be leaving today. Sonny asks Will to put in a good word for him with Dustin. Stefano admits to Hope and Bo that he shares a box with Alice and will take her to see what's inside. Gabi tells Chad that Kate offered them both jobs. Abigail assures Madison the heavy workload won't interfere with her other job. Madison tells Brady that Sami never actually quit and is working undercover at Countess Wilhelmina. Will is put on the spot when Dustin asks to tell his story of he came out to his parents. Kate tells Gabi that without Chad there's no deal. Victor almost reveals to Daniel he's known all along that Maggie was his mother. Chad agrees to do the modeling thing which pleases Kate. Daniel and Jennifer share an emotional farewell to one another. Hope tells Bo she's not and isn't ready to look inside Alice's box of secrets.

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