Bo and Hope turns to Doug and Julie for guidance after what happened with Stefano. Rafe tells Sami that he hates the idea of her spying for Madison. Jennifer tells Abe her way to stop E.J. in a way he'll never see it coming. Lexie tells E.J. her real family is with Theo and Abe. Nicole tells Will she know he hacked into Abe's computer to steal his jobs plan. Jennifer tells Abe her friends can help get the questions in advance, but Abe has a better idea to make sure E.J. gets the wrong questions. Nicole shows Will she had some money transferred into his account if he'll do something for her. Carrie and Austin agree on a date when they'll be free for a date night. Doug tells Hope he tracked the account to a bank in Africa and he and Julie will head there to see if they find anything else. Lexie comes in and asks what Jennifer and Abe are talking about. Will tells E.J. that everything went smoothly and how he knew that Nicole approached him.

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