Sami stops Rafe from continuing to bang on the door, he then let himself in the back and starts punching E.J. Will pulls away from his kiss with Neil and takes off after Sonny saw it. Marlena asks Carrie if she fixed the problem and if she and Bo can travel to Alamainia. A mystery man keeps and eye on Hope and John at the airport. Sonny tells Will he thinks the kiss happened cause he wanted it too. Nicole slaps E.J. after finding out the truth from Rafe about him having sex with Sami. Will confides in Marlena about Sonny inviting him to a party, and lead to him kissing a guy, and asks why she isn't shocked by the news. Carrie discusses her marital troubles with Austin to Bo about them drifting apart and her feelings for Rafe. Sami tells E.J. that she didn't tell Rafe what happened between them, he then goes off to find Nicole. Hope and John finally are able to board, and leads to them having a moment. Sami barges in confronting Marlena about her telling Rafe what she and E.J. did.

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